Basic Information

Breed Group
Not AKC Recognized
Black,Black and Tan,Brown,Gray,Silver,White
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



Schnoodles are a cross between a pedigree Schnauzer and a pure bred Poodle. Since these charming dogs first appeared on the scene, they have become one of the more popular cross breeds around, both in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Not only do they tend to inherit their parent breeds adorable looks, but they also inherit many of their character traits which means Schnoodles are usually highly intelligent and quick witted dogs that are a pleasure to have around.

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Schnoodles have been bred for quite a while because people have always tended to cross Schnauzers with Poodles. However, it's only in the last two decades or so that more people have started to show an interest in owning dogs that are a little out of the ordinary. As such, Schnoodles have become very popular here in the UK and elsewhere in the world, thanks to their charming looks and their kind, loyal and affectionate natures. In short, they make wonderful companions and great family pets.

They are a cross between pedigree Schnauzers and Poodles whether their parent breeds are toy, miniature or standard size dogs. They were first bred during the eighties with an end goal being to produce low shedding dogs that people who suffered from pet allergies would be able to own. Most Schnoodles are first generation dogs which means that puppies from the same litter can look quite different from one another and the same can be said of their personalities.

For the moment, Schnoodles are not recognised by The Kennel Club as a breed, but many local breed clubs have been established both in the UK and other countries with an end goal being to continue to breed and produce healthy Schnoodles whether puppies are first or second generation dogs.

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