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Breed Group
Not AKC Recognized
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



The Cavapoo is a cross between two pure breeds, namely a Poodle and a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. They are sometimes called Cavoodles in a few parts of the world which includes Australia, but are more commonly referred to as Cavapoos here in the UK. They are one of the first "designer dogs" to appear on the scene when they were bred in America during the 1950's. Reputable breeders use Miniature Poodles which they cross with Cavaliers because Toy Poodles are prone to suffer from more hereditary health issues which they could pass on to their offspring. Cavoos are now an extremely popular choice whether as a companion or family pet thanks to their loyal, kind and placid natures with the added bonus being they are considered "low shedding" dogs.

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Cavapoos were first bred in American during the 1950's by breeders who wanted to create a low-shedding dog that would be an ideal choice for people who suffer from allergies. Poodles were used to create Cavapoos for this reason. It was not very long before these charming little dogs found their way into the hearts and homes of many people not only in the United States, but over here in the UK and elsewhere in the world thanks to the fact they inherited many of their parent breed traits.

However, as with many cross breeds or "designer dogs", there is never any guarantee as to which traits and characteristics a Cavapoo might inherit from their parents, but this has not affected their popularity. Responsible breeders now use Miniature Poodles to cross with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels because Toy Poodles are known to suffer from more hereditary health concerns which they could pass on to puppies.

Cavapoos are known to have kind, affectionate, loyal natures and although they have been around since the fifties, they are not as yet recognised by The Kennel Club here in the UK (June 2016), nor is the Cavapoo recognised by other international dog clubs. However, as time goes by and with careful, selective breeding, a consistency in the Cavapoos looks, temperament and size might be achieved which could as a result mean they would eventually be recognised as a breed in their own right, but this could well take several generations.

Today, the Cavapoo remains one of the most popular new breeds on the planet even though it’s a bit of a gamble as to how puppies turn out when it comes to size, looks and temperament. With this said, every dog is unique and this applies to these little dogs that over time have proved themselves to be kind, loving and charming companions and family pets to have in a home.

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