Alaskan Malamute Training


Easy to Train
Average (Rating 3/5)
Above Average (Rating 4/5)


Alaskan Malamutes are known to be a more dominant breed and therefore their training and socialisation has to start as early as possible for them to become well-rounded, obedient dogs. They are intelligent and with the right sort of handling, training and direction an Alaskan Malamute responds and learns new things well. However, they do not respond that quickly to any commands they are given which has to be taken into account when these dogs are being trained.

Malamutes need to be trained by someone who is familiar with the breed or this type of dog because they can get the better of anyone who does not understand them. It's essential for these dogs to know their place in the "pack" and who is the alpha dog in a household or they will take over and show the more dominant side to their characters.

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