Afghan Hound Training


Easy to Train
Challenging (Rating 2/5)
Average (Rating 3/5)


Afghan Hounds are intelligent, but they are known to be quite highly strung which owners need to keep in mind when they start training a dog. Afghans can also be stubborn and headstrong at times and as such really do need an experienced handler and trainer who is familiar with the breed for them to grow up to be obedient, well-behaved dogs. Training an Afghan can prove challenging for these reasons which means an inexperienced owner might not be able to cope.

An Afghan's training cannot be rushed and they do not respond well to any sort of harsh correction. They do respond well to positive reinforcement, but as previously mentioned, their education needs to start early. These dogs are ultra-sensitive and it takes a lot of patience and understanding when training puppies and young dogs which includes house training them. Harsh correction would only result in making an already sensitive dog a lot more timid.

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