Manchester Terrier


Basic Information

United Kingdom
Breed Group
Black,Black and Tan,Blue
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



Often thought of as a “gentleman's terrier”, this spirited little dog has a lot to boast about. Manchester Terriers were originally bred as ratters and for hare coursing, but these days they have proved themselves to be superb agility dogs, enjoying games like flyball to name but one of the activities they excel at. They are elegant little terriers that boast friendly, loyal natures. You'd be forgiven for thinking they were Doberman Pinschers only in miniature, but the Manchester Terrier is very much a breed in their own right.

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These attractive terriers were first bred in Manchester, hence their name. They were highly prized by the Victorians for their prowess when it came to hunting and coursing. Lots of people think the breed is a smaller version of the Doberman whereas in fact, Louis Doberman used Manchester Terriers to create his Doberman breed. With this said, many experts believe that the Miniature Pinscher and the Manchester Terriers do not share any bloodlines or ancestry whatsoever.

It is thought the Manchester Terrier is the oldest of all terrier breeds with records of them dating back to as early as the 16th century when they were used to control vermin in England. One enthusiast of the sport of killing rats and who used terriers was a man called John Hulme who decided to develop a breed by crossing a Whippet with a Black and Tan Terrier. The Manchester Terrier soon became a popular choice even when the sport was eventually banned in Britain.

Some people went on to cross their Manchester Terriers with Chihuahuas to create even smaller dogs, but this caused many health issues. By 1937, a club for formerly set up for the British Manchester Terrier and it was the members of this club who saved the breed ensuring these charming alert dogs did not vanish altogether after World War II. Today, anyone wanting to share their home with a Manchester Terrier would need to go on a waiting list once they have found a breeder because there are very few puppies registered with The Kennel Club every year.

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