Japanese Chin


Basic Information

Breed Group
Black and Tan,White,Yellow
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



The Japanese Chin is a dainty little dog and one that boasts having lots of presence. They are known to be very cat-like in their behaviours which sees them washing their faces using their paws, a trait that makes them all the more endearing. Although the Chin seems delicate, they are far from having fragile personalities because they are bold, intelligent and ultra-bright which are just a few more reasons why the breed has remained such a popular companion throughout the ages both in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

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It's thought the Japanese Chin first originated in China, but the breed found its way to Japan when the Empress of China offered one of these charming little dogs as a gift to the Empress of Japan. One thing that's for sure is these charming dogs boast being among one of the more ancient breeds to be found and that over the centuries they have remained highly prized. In days long past, the breed was a little different to the dogs we see today because it's thought the original Japanese Chins were crossed with smaller spaniels with an end goal being to create the much loved dogs of today.

The breed remained very much a "secret" outside of their native Japan right up until 1853 when the first foreign traders arrived in the country. The Chin soon became a sought after trading commodity and as such many of them found their way to other countries. These little dogs soon found favour with the wealthy and the nobility thanks to their charming looks and kind, gentle and devoted natures. Over time, their popularity grew with many famous people owning Japanese Chins. This included President Franklin Pierce.

Today, Chins remain a popular choice both as companions and family pets, but they are also often seen in the showring and are always a success with judges and breed enthusiasts alike. They are recognised by all the major international breed organisations which includes The Kennel Club.

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