Finnish Lapphund


Basic Information

Breed Group
Not AKC Recognized
Black,Black and Tan,Blue,Brown,Fawn,Gray,Red,White
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



As their name suggests, the Finnish Lapphund originates from the harsh, northern lands of Scandinavia. It is a Spitz type dog which was traditionally used for herding reindeer. While it remains a popular breed in Scandinavian countries, this delightful dog is not seen in other areas of the world which includes here in the UK even though they are a great choice as both companion dogs and family pets thanks to their loyal, kind and affectionate natures.

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There are records of this type of dog that date as far back as 7000 BC showing they were kept by the people of Lapland, a vast northern region that included Finland, Sweden, Norway and various areas of northern Russia. During this time, they were called Lapland Dogs and they were introduced to the British Isles by the Normans.

An outbreak of distemper virtually wiped out all Finnish Lapphunds just before the outbreak of World War I, but thankfully breed enthusiasts saved them from extinction before setting a standard for the breed. The Finnish Kennel Club recognised the breed as unique in the 1940's and their name was established as the Finnish Lapphund in the nineties.

In 1945, The Kennel Club accepted the Finnish Lapphund as a breed in its own right at a time when these dogs were still called Lapponian Shepherd Dogs. Today, although still rarely seen here in the UK and elsewhere in the world, the Finnish Lapphund remains a very popular choice as both companion dogs and family pets in Scandinavia.

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