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25 - 35 Pounds
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Briards are very handsome dogs with their striking, long coats. They were originally bred as working dogs, herding flocks of sheep in France where they were highly valued for their alert, kind and loyal natures. A Briard would very rarely would a Briard show any sort of aggressive behaviour yet they are known for their courage. They are also loyal, real extroverts and playful loving nothing more than to feel they are part of a family which is why over the years the Briard has become such a popular pet with people all over the world outside of their native France.

With this said, Briards are not the best choice for first time owners because these dogs need a lot of looking after. They need to know their place in the pack and who is alpha dog in a household or they may start to show a more dominant side to their character. With this said, in the right hands and with the right sort of guidance, a Briard makes for a great companion and family pet for people who are familiar with the breed and this type of dog.

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The origins of the Briard remain a bit of a mystery, but there are many legends about the breed. Very similar dogs first appeared in the Middle Ages when dogs that arrived in Europe from the Orient were crossed with local herding dogs. The goal, it is said, was to create a larger, more fearless dog that was capable of guarding and herding flocks of sheep and a dog that boasted enough courage to take on wolves and other large predators without hesitation.

It was the French who then developed the Briard and in ancient times, these dogs were highly prized for their intelligence, courage yet kind natures which led to many legends being told about them. They not only worked as herding and guard dogs, but the Briard also worked with the military. The breed is thought to be a descendant of Aubry's dog, and were given their name from the region of France known as Brie where they were developed.

Napoleon took Briards with his armies on his many campaigns. Thomas Jefferson was so impressed with the breed he took a number of them back to the States where they were to work with American farmers. Lafayette had some dogs sent to his estate and pretty soon they were to become highly prized not only in their native France, but in America too.

The Briard was so highly thought of, the breed was made the French army's official dog and during the wars they would carry supplies to soldiers on the front lines, they tracked wounded soldiers and even worked as sentries. On the battlefield, Briards appeared to know which wounded soldiers needed help and who were beyond help.

Today, these magnificent, large dogs are still highly prized in France, but they have become sought after in other parts of the world, including here in the UK thanks to their handsome looks and their kind, loyal natures.

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