The Top 10 Easiest Dog Breeds to Train And Why You Need To Get One Of These Dogs

College goers who become parents of a new dog have easy choice, they get an affordable dog. However, things are tougher for people who earn well. I am not mocking anyone, but most people with money have a tough time finding the right dog. They try to get a dog which looks cute as a puppy. All dogs are cute. However, some dogs which look cute are very hard to train, and then there are dogs which are not suitable for house with kids. If you know nothing about different dog breeds then read this article as I am going to talk about The Top 10 Easiest Dog Breeds to Train here.

10. Doberman Pinscher

One of America’s most favorite dogs, Doberman pinscher is very friendly dog. They live longer than most dogs; these dogs are very easy to train because of their calm and cool nature.

9. Norwegian Elkhound

Surprised? These dogs look like wolfs, but they are very obedient and can be very good guards dogs for their owners.

8. Rottweiler

These dogs are calm and obedient. You can train these dogs very easily. They always listen to their owners. These dogs are also friendly towards other breeds.

7. Boxer

These dogs are super cute, and effective. You can train a boxer in just one week. If you are a female and live alone, then a boxer can be the ideal dog for you.

6. Yorkshire Terrier

Who can say no to a Yorkshire terrier? They are super duper adorable. It seems they are good dogs all around. They are easy to train and most of them never give their owners a hard time.

5. Bearded Collie

These dogs are not very popular, mainly because one cannot buy them very easily. These dogs live a long time and they understand people talk very well.

4. Poodle

Cute and sweet poodles are nice lap dogs. They look spoilt, but they are not. Poodles love playing with their owners.

3. Labrador Retriever
The Top 10 Easiest Dog-1.jpg

These dogs are great. They can do a lot of tricks. You can teach them anything you want very quickly. These dogs are great guard dogs.

2. German Sheppard

The best dogs for homes with kids, they are friendly, calm and playful. A German Sheppard can also act as a help dog.

1. Golden retriever
The Top 10 Easiest Dog-2.jpg

There is a reason behind golden retriever’s popularity worldwide; these dogs are made for large families. Golden retrievers love people, they listen to everyone in the family.

If you are getting a dog for the first time in your life and you do not have much time to give for dog training, then please get one of the above mentioned dogs.

How To Teach Your Dog To Play With Toys?

After getting my first dog, I kept asking myself a question, am I a good dog parent? A good parent will teach his/her dogs commands. I tried usual dog training methods first. But later I understood, toys are very useful weapons when it comes to training your dog.

Dogs love to play with toys. Playing is good for dogs, it keeps them in shape. Dogs also learn about things by playing with their owners. Forget about dogs for a second, playing with a dog can be the best stress-buster for a human dog parent.

Here are my tips for how to teach your dog to play with toys.

Play With Toys-1.jpg
  1. Find a good toy for your dog. Some toys can harm your dog as they are toxic, so find a toy that does not bleed color and made from natural ingredients only.
  2. Round small balls are best for dogs. Your dog should able to hold the toy in his mouth.
  3. First take the toy in your hand and play with it in front of your dog. The idea is to show your dog how much fun it is.
  4. Now after playing for sometimes, throw the ball in your dog’s direction.
  5. Say “go and get it”, if your dog gets up and runs towards the toy, it means he is interested in playing with the toy. If he does not, then you have to play some more times in front of him.
  6. You need to keep practicing this process at least for a week. Start this toy training process inside your home, after some days play with him outside.
  7. Start with a ten/twenty minute playing session, and slowly increase the time. Say the words” good job today” after each play session.
  8. Dogs are like human babies, they get bored very quickly. You have to purchase new toys for him every month, otherwise he will stop playing.
  9. Do not ever force your dog to play; it will do more harm than good.
  10.  If you have two dogs, then you do not have to work hard, as after sometimes dogs will play with each other.

There is nothing more relaxing than a short play session with your dog. These days, dogs do not get required physical exercise because they stay in an apartment. Exercise is must even for dogs. This is why you should teach your dog to play.

Easy Ways To Teach Your Dog “Leave It“ Command

You need to teach your dog “leave it” command, this command can save his life. Like babies dogs also try to put everything they find on the floor in their mouth. Dogs have great smelling power. House trained dogs will not eat rotten toxic food. But toys have no smell and your dog may try to eat small toy parts. This is the reason why your dog needs to understand what “leave it” command means.

You can save his life by saying the words leave it, but for that to happen first you need to teach your dog the command “leave it”. Our tips will make “leave it” lesson easier for both you and your dog.

Leave it -1.jpg
  1. Take your dog and go for a walk near your house. Please keep two different types of treats with you. Teats that your dog loves. Place treats in each hand and close the hands. Keep one of his most favorite treats in your pocket or bag. By this time, your dog will start jumping in front of your hand, he wants the treats. But you will not give him the treat.
  2. Now open one hand and let him have the treat. He will still try to eat the treat from the other hand. Say the words “leave it.” He will not understand this in the beginning. Remember, no matter how hard he tries you just cannot allow him to eat the treat. Keep saying “bad boy” if he tries hard to eat the treat.
  3. After a couple of minutes your dog will get very tired and he will forget about the treat. Tell him “good job” and feed him the good treat you are keeping in your pocket or bag.
  4. This is it; you have to practice this method over and over again. Your dog will understand the meaning of “leave it” command. He will also understand that if he ignores things when you say the words “leave it”, he will get some good treats.

Here is a cute video of teaching a puppy how to drop something. This video is fun to watch and new parents can learn new things from the video,

The Most Effective Way To Discipline Your Dog, And Does Punishment Actually Works?

Did you see Marley and Me? It is still one of my all time favorite films. Marley was cute, but boy that dog needed to learn some discipline. I became a dog parent after I watched Marley and Me; I decided to give my dog some mandatory disciplinary lesson because of that film. Just kidding of course, I mentioned this movie because today I am going to talk about The Most Effective Way to Discipline Your Dog, also why it is important to teach your dog some rules.

You also need to punish your dog (not physically) sometimes. Like parents of human babies you need to know you are punishing your dog only for his own good.

Discipline Your Dog-1.gif

First of all here are some disciplines you need to teach your dog,

  1. Your dog needs to know he cannot poop and pee anywhere, if he does then he will suffer consequences.
  2. No matter what, do not change your dog’s meal time. He cannot eat whenever he wants. Do not give him treats whenever he wants. Bad food habits give birth to a spoilt dog.
  3. Your dog needs to know he cannot bark if a relative comes to visit you.
  4. Do not share food from your plate; it is not a good habit.
  5. It is possible you have more than one pet; your dog needs to know he can not harm other pets and you love them all.
  6. You will leave your dog alone some days; he needs to know he cannot mess up the room just because he is missing you.
Discipline Your Dog-2.jpg

Now, these are the rules that you need to teach your dog.But believe me; your dog will break those rules very often in the beginning. You need to punish him for breaking the rules. Here are some important tips about your dog’s punishment,

  1. Please do not punish him with a soft voice, your dog needs to understand you are the boss and you are not happy with him.
  2. Always punish the dog within five minutes of breaking the rule.
  3. During his time out, do not talk to him, tell your other family members to do the same.
  4. Do not physically hurt the dog, no matter what he did, physical punishment will make your dog scared and he will never again think of you as his friend.
  5. Do not reward him a treat right after punishing him; he will not take the punishment seriously then.

Your dog needs to obey you and not fear you.

Dog Training Guide: Ten Tips for Getting Started with the Clicker

Remember the Adam Sandler movie Click? Do you ever wish you can do the same thing with your dog? I mean controlling your dog’s movement with a button. Well, good news, this can happen for real. The wonderful world of science gave us the gift of clicker, this little device can make the “train your puppy” process much easier and entertaining.

Here are my simple tips to use a clicker to train your dog

  1. Take 10 treats in one hand and hold the clicker in other hand. Now start clicking, give the dog one treat after each click. The dog does not need to do anything here; he can just sit or walk with you. The idea behind this step is to make your dog “familiarize” the click sound.
  2. Now do the same thing again with a toy, same rules, but this time you will give your dog a toy instead of treats. Give the toy to your dog, click after your dog leaves the toy on the ground.
  3. Do both these above mentioned steps for at least two days. Your dog will get used to the sound of click.

See this video below; this video demonstrates how a clicker makes dog training process easier, in this video clicker is used for a "high drive" dog,

What Will You Do When Your Dog Doesn't Listen To Your Command?

Is it possible to train Your Dog to Come Back to You When You Call Come? Yes. But it will never be an easy task, you can be an experienced dog trainer or a first time dog parent, many times your dog will not listen to your command. In simpler terms he will disobey you. Here are my tips to deal with a disobedient dog.

First of all, let me tell you some bitter truths, your dog is just like your child, you can do everything right with him, but he will still disobey you sometimes. Some people can make their dog pee and poo according to their command, but you may not be one of those lucky people.

  1. Different breed dogs take different times to learn things. Talk to a trainer to understand your dog’s learning capacity first.
  2. Try to raise your voice when you are teaching your dog commands. Do not soften your voice if he cries.
  3. Treat can do wonders. Give him good foods when he listens to you. Do not talk or cuddle your dog for hours if he refuses to obey your command.
  4. You need to teach your dog every day, consistency is very important here.
  5. Your dog needs to understand you are his master; he needs to listen to you.
  6. No matter what, never abuse your dog in any way. He needs to understand you are doing everything for his own good.
  7. Non verbal commands work better on dogs. Like telling your dog to sit by hand gesture.

Your dog is different from other dogs. Not all dogs can learn in same speed, do not compare your dog to your friend’s dog. Your dog loves you, even if he does not listen to you often.


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