Is It Necessary To Spay or Neuter Your Dog?
I have some friends who just adopted a puppy. Since I am a senior dog parent, I often ask these new parents about their plan of handling “adult” dog problems. Dogs become sexually adult before human kids do. The best way to deal with dogs’ sexual urges is to neuter/spray them. Some young parents worry if they take this step then they will harm their dogs’ natural growth. See, this is where they are thinking wrong. Neutering your dog is actually beneficial for him.
Should You Get A Dog Health Insurance?
I have pet insurance for my dog. I like to believe I am a responsible pet parent. I make sure my dogs eat healthy foods. But I know just good foods are not enough for my dogs. They also need regular check-ups. Vets are very rich these days. They charge a lot. A friend told me about health insurance for dogs. To be honest pet health insurance saved lots of money for me.
First Time Dog Owners Guide, How To Create An Aid Kit?
I was walking my dog near my house. All of a sudden, I see blood coming out of his foot. He had a minor injury. But I needed to take care of it anyway. Thank God I was right beside my house. But, this incident made me think. I wondered if I can make an aid kit for my dog. I searched and found out first-aid kits for dogs are not that uncommon.
Dog Diabetes A To Z: Reason For Diabetes in Dogs, Diagnosis, Treatment And Prevention Tips
Please do not give your dog your favorite Christmas cookie. Dog diabetes is a real complex disease. Shortage of hormone insulin causes diabetes in dogs. When dogs cannot produce sufficient insulin, sugars from their foods get stored in body. This is how dog’s blood sugar level increases and dogs become diabetic. This is why foods with added sugar are neither good for you nor your dog. Your Christmas treat can give your dog diabetes.
Summer Heat: Time To Keep Your Dogs Safe Inside Home
Who does not love summer? Sun comes out and we feel happy. Sun bathing may make you look pretty, but summer heat is not great for your dog. I know a dog who suffered from heatstroke, scary right? So, today I decided to share some summer safety advice for your dogs.
Signs That Say Your Dog Is Suffering From Separation Anxiety
I am a working dog parent. My dog initially gave me hard times when I left him home alone. My room was always a mess when I came back from my office. This was a huge problem. I took my dog to the vet and he said my dog is suffering from separation anxiety. Yes, it is real. Long story short, my hard work paid off, today my dog behaves like a good boy when he is alone at home.

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