Reason Why Your Dog Is Barking So Much And How Can You Fix This Problem?
I have a friend who once spent sleepless nights due to a peculiar reason; she did not have any stress in her life. But her dog was barking all night. She and her family did not know what was wrong with their dog. They finally took him to a vet and after couple of days, their problem was solved. But this problem can also occur to you. Here are my simple tips to manage dog’s excessive barking problem.
How To Understand The Secret Meaning Of Your Dog’s Body Language
Dogs do not talk, but they use their body language activities to convey their needs. We all know a dog's "gotta go to potty "signs. But there are other signs. I am raising dogs for years, so I can read my dog’s body language very easily. However, as a first-time dog parent, you may have difficulties in understanding your dog’s body language. No worry, as today I am going to talk about the meaning of dog’s most common body language in this article.
How Can You Train Puppies Not To bite

My first puppy was the love of my life. We were soulmate and inseparable. However, one thing I did not like about his company. I am talking about his biting my toes habit. Puppy’s biting habit may sound cute and relatively harmless but trust me it is neither good for you nor your puppy. I later learned some tricks and those tricks stopped my puppy’s biting habit. In this article, I am going to share those simple tricks with my fellow puppy parents.

  1. It is hard to ignore a puppy as they are very cute. But you have to when your puppy bites you. Every time puppy bites you say “No” with an angry voice. Go away from him, do not look back.
  2. Apply something bitter on your hand and feet. However, please make sure the product you are applying are made of natural things and will not harm the puppy in any way.
  3. Buy some chew toys, whenever your puppy tries to bite you, give him the chew toy instead. The puppy will get used to chewing the toy and he will not try to bite you.
  4. Puppies hate water, spray water on him whenever he tries to bite you. But make sure water does not go into his eyes. He will get very scared if water touches his eyes.
  5. If he behaves well and does not try to chew your feet for one day, reward him some treats. He will understand chewing is a bad act.

Puppies try to chew feet for a reason. They feel pain due to teething. Normally this habit does not stay for long. So do not feel anxious if none of the above works. This habit is not a serious problem and adult dogs do not have a chewing problem.

Necessary Dieting Changes You Need To Make When Your Puppy Becomes An Adult Dog
Puppies are always hungry like babies. You have to keep feeding small dog babies nutritious meals throughout the day. Adult dogs need three meals only. But they require more nutrition. Dog’s life has three stages. A puppy needs lots of care as he is growing every day. Middle age dogs needs three balanced meals and occasional snacks. Older dogs do not have great appetite, and most of them have weak teeth, aged dogs need different types of foods. Today we are going to tell you all about ideal dog diet for every age.
First Time Dog Parenting Tips: Everyday Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

Do you know dogs can die on the spot after eating a little piece of chocolate? Scary right, but wait, there are more human foods which are toxic to dogs. You cannot just keep these foods lying around in your home. Pet dogs around the world died because their owners allowed them to eat something toxic. You do not want to be one of those dog parents right? Then read this article with attention and try to keep the mentioned foods away from your dog as long as he lives.


Chocolate is the worst food for dogs. It can kill dogs within hours. Take your dog to the vet immediately if he accidentally swallowed a piece of chocolate.


Birthday cake, candies are no-no for dogs. Most candies contain Xylitol, which is poison for dogs. Cakes are made with butter, cream, these food items make dog’s hair fall off.

Avocado, onion and garlic

Three great vegetables for humans, however they are toxic for dogs. Do not ever cook your dog’s meat with onion and garlic.


Obviously you are not going to feed your puppy alcohol. But dogs are curious, they may try to taste alcohol if you spill wine on the floor. Alcohol affects dog’s brain and liver, very dangerous for them.


Grapes cause kidney failure in dogs. Do not ever feed your dog raisins either. Grapes, raisins cause painful slow death for dogs.

Milk and Dairy products

Do you remember how animal activists freaked out when they saw a picture of Prince George feeding his dog an ice-cream? Dairy products are not good for dogs. It hurts their internal organs.

Raw eggs

Boiled eggs are safe for dogs. An adult dog can eat a whole boiled egg per day. But raw eggs can give dogs E. coli.

Apart from these foods, any food with caffeine is also harmful to dogs.

How To Extra Nutrition To Your Dog’s Daily Diet?

Dogs will eat meat without any hesitation at all. Our four-legged friends love the smell of meat. But meats can only supply protein to their bodies. Dogs need fiber, vitamins, and iron just like humans. Some good dog food brands do make well-balanced meals. But they are incredibly costly. We know some of our readers are college students who cannot afford to buy those brands every month. But that does not mean they cannot give their dogs more nutritious foods, here is a sneaky way to give your dog more healthy foods.

Vegetables: Green vegetables supply manganese, iron, potassium, and Fiber. Broccoli does not have any taste or smell. Add broccoli in all dog’s meals. You can add ¾ cup meat and ¼ cup broccoli. Your dog will eat broccoli even without knowing eat. Also, put finely chopped carrots in every dog meal.

Treats: Every dog loves a sweet treat. Instead of giving him dog biscuits give him small pieces of watermelon, mango, or apple. These foods contain lots of vitamins. These fruits will give your dog shiny hair.

Brown Rice: Brown rice has lots of health benefits. Keep feeding your dog rice with meats.

Oatmeal: Dogs will not plain oatmeal. However, Oatmeal is very healthy for dogs. Put some small pieces of meats in boiling water. Boil the meats for ten minutes. Now add the oat. You can also add some salt. Your dog will not say no to meat flavored oatmeal.

Water: Since dogs eat lots of meat, they also need to drink plenty of fresh water to digest those proteins well. Give your dog foods like chicken soup with lots of water and vegetables. Chicken soup is the healthiest dinner for dogs.

Taking care of a dog is not much different from raising a human kid. Both kids and dogs will only eat foods that they like, so you have to be sneaky.


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