It’s Shopping Time, Things To Remember While Purchasing Clothes And Toys For The Dog

First-time dog parents love going to shopping for their beloved pet. But most of the time they end up purchasing things their dog does not need. This is a waste of both time and money. This is why today I am going to share my tips about “shopping for dogs.” Money does not grow on trees, so please read my tips carefully. You can thank me later.

So here are the things you need to buy for your dog. If you are a first-time dog parent, then you should always follow this list when you are out for shopping.

How To Search For a Missing Dog And How Can Organization For Lost Dog Rescue Help You?

What happens if your dog ran away from home? All dog parents worry about this unfortunate incident; to be honest I wish I can tell you this incident will never happen. But I cannot, lots of dogs run away from home every year. You will see poster of them in coffee shops. What to do when this incident happens to you? Who will help you? What is organization for lost dog rescue? And do you have one of that at your locality?

No worries, today I am going to tell you all about missing dog recovery. Here are my tips,

Important Tips: How Can You Make Sure Your Dog Never Gets Lost?

One day I woke up and my dog was not sitting besides my bed like he usually does. It was a scary experience as I thought I lost my dog. Thankfully my dog was chasing a fly, and no harm was done. But as a first time dog parent you should know you dog can ran away anytime. You can take as many precautions as you want, but mishap can still happen. This is why you need to make sure even if your dog runs away, someone can always take him back to you. Here are my tips to make sure you never lose your dog.

Tips to make sure your dog never get lost

DIY, Have Fun And Save Money On Dog Toys And Clothes

Raising a dog costs lots of money. Dogs need things like children do. They need toys; they need clothes when temperature drops. Brands are making clothes and toys for dogs. They are good, but they are incredibly expensive. It is hard to believe companies charge so much money for a little T-shirt for dog.

Here is an idea, why not make some clothes and toys at home? You do not need to have any special skills to make toys and clothes for your dogs. Materials you need to make dog toys and t-shirts are easily available.

Do you know the top reason behind making things for dog at home? It is super fun and creative.

Steps to make dog T-shirt at home,

Materials you need: A one color old T-shirt, a pair of scissors and some fabric colors.


Take your dog’s measurements, it is easy, give him one of his favorite treats to eat and then take his measurements.

First, fold the T-shirt in half. Now start cutting the T-shirt. Make the front of t-shirt look like a crop top, do not cut the back. If your t-shirt has long round neck then you do not need to cut the neck, but if it has small neck hole then cut it deeper, as your dog needs to put his head in the neck hole, to wear the shirt.

If your shirt has sleeves, then cut the sleeve. Your T-shirt is ready now. Give the dog to wear the shirt.

If you did not understand what I said please take a look at the following video and you will understand all the steps very clearly. In this video the user is showing how to make a sweater for dog, process here shown is same for a dog shirt.

Local Dog Boarding Companies, Why You Need To Know About Them And How To Find The Perfect One For Your Dog

Do you know there dog boarding companies? These companies are getting more and more popular among young dog parents. The reason behind the popularity is simple. Today, everyone is busy, and no one has time to babysit their friend’s dog.

You have to travel and you cannot take your dog with you for every journey. You cannot leave your dog alone at home. You need someone to watch him, or you can send your dog to a boarding. Doggy day-care volunteers will take care of your dog.

If you are getting a dog then you should always know the address of at least one dog boarding company in your locality.

Your dog is no less important than your child and not everyone understands that. However, a good dog caretaker will always understand how close you and your dog are. He or she will understand it is not easy for you to leave your dog at a boarding house, but you have to.

Local Dog Boarding Companies-1.jpg

Here are my tips to find the perfect dog boarding company for your dog. These tips will help you immensely when you need to do for an emergency journey.

10 Things You Need To Do If You Are Flying With Your Dog For The First Time

Some advertisements make us believe traveling with a dog is an easy task. In reality traveling with a dog can be a nightmare. Pet-Friendly Hotels are not that uncommon in 2017. But you have to travel by aeroplane to reach the hotel. Dogs do not enjoy flights. However, as an owner you can make your dog’s airplane travel comfortable. You can do things that make your pet’s journey. But to that you need to know exactly what kind o trouble one faces during flight with a dog.

Here are my tips to avoid common problems during a flight with your dog.


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