How To Introduce Your Baby To Your Dog And Make Them Love Each Other

Dogs see their owners as their parents; I am sure all dog owners also see their dog as their child. Problem occurs when owners bring home their human child. Like an older sibling dogs get jealous of new baby. Your dog thinks your baby is going to steal all the attention.

Dogs and babies make great friends, but only after they spend some time with each other. You need to give your dog some time. But you can actually train your dog to like your baby, here is how.

How To Teach Your Dog Etiquettes Of Dinning

My first dog was “the beast” of the house when I first got him. He used to sit beside our dining table, and after ten minutes he used to make a mess of our foods. He used to act wild in front of food.

I understood I needed to do something. I researched and I found easy ways to teach my dog table manners. I am going to share my tips for teaching dogs dinning etiquettes with you. Remember, you need to work fast; you should start training your dog when he is still a puppy.

Things You Need To Know About Teeth Clean Molar Rod For Dogs

Molar rod or chew bones are very important for dogs. But as an owner you need to pay attention to the quality of molar rod you are getting for your dog. Reason is simple, some molar rod or chew bones for dogs contain harmful toxins, and these chemicals can kill your dog.

Natural chew bones are great as it keeps your dog’s teeth clean. These organic chew bones are costlier than ordinary chew bones, but you should still buy them only.

Best Selling Dog Supplies Of 2017 You Need To Purchase Now

It is time to shop for your beloved four legged friend. I already talked about must needed supplies for your dog. I hope you all got those things. Shopping for dogs never ends. Today I am going to talk about the hottest selling dog supplies of 2017 and why I am recommending those products for you.

Is not this exciting? Yes, it is, so here you go,

Dog Auto Supplies, Car Accessories You Need For Traveling With Your Dog

My dog loves to travel and I also love to travel with him. However, traveling with my dog is not cheap. As a new owner I did not actually know “the right way to travel with a dog” I just took him and went for a drive. But later I regretted those travel as my car used to a mess after the trip.

Easy Ways To Train Your Dog How To Swim

Swimming is the best way to relax but swimming with your dog is the best possible activity ever. Swimming burns thousand of calories, it is also good for mind. Imagine taking a swim with your dog at the end of a tiring office day.

I swim with my dogs. But I needed to teach them swimming. Not teach swimming, as dogs like other animals know how to swim from birth. But dogs do not like water. So I had to encourage my dog to come near the pool.Here is how I did it.


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