How To Teach Your Dog To Grab A Object In His Mouth And Take It to You

My old neighbor’s dog used to get the newspaper to him every morning. I was a little bit jealous of my neighbor. I always wanted to have a dog that will bring my morning newspaper to me. After getting my first dog, I learned a valuable lesson. Dogs will not grab things and take it to their owners naturally; one needs to train them to do so.

Thankfully I learned the technique of teaching a dog how to carry things in his mouth very quickly. In this article, I am going to share my knowledge with you.

Teach Your Dog To Enjoy Human Touch

Dogs love their owners, and if you ever rescued a dog you know how much he appreciates your touch. But some of us do not like to hug other people, in same way some dogs do not enjoy human touch. But the good news is, you can teach a dog how to enjoy hug. It is a simple process and I promise it will be fun for both of you.

The main reason behind some dogs not enjoying human hug is that they see it as attack and they want to save themselves. You need to make him understand a hug is a way of showing affection for one another.

How To Put Eye Drop IN Your Dog’s Eyes

Playing with dogs is a super fun activity. Putting eye drops in dog’s eyes on the other hand is an extremely painful activity. First time dog owners do not think about lots of things they have to deal with in near future. Most first time dog owners think taking care of a dog means giving him food, walking him and giving him baths. No new dog owner thinks about dog’s eye care, but they should. As like it or not, if you have a dog, you need to take care of his eyes once in a while.

Dogs do get pink eyes and there are puppies that often develop eye problems.

How To Clean Your Dog’s Wound Without Causing Him Any Discomfort

Your dog will get injured once in a while. You can always take him to a vet in case his injury is serious. But you can take care of his minor injuries at home. In the beginning the job will be tough, but you and your dog will get used to it very soon.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Dog’s Eyes and reason behind cleaning your dog’s eyes

First time puppy owners, please do read this article with attention, because today I am going to talk about a serious issue and I bet not many people told you about this issue. I am talk about how to clean your dog’s eyes.

The main reason behind cleaning your dog’s eyes is to keep it clean. Dogs’ eyes are delicate. So you need to be careful when you are cleaning your dog’s eyes.

I am going to tell you the rights steps for cleaning your dog’s eyes.

The Importance Of Getting Proper Dog Training Collar

Fun times start when you bring your puppy home for the first time. It is possible you may have finished shopping for things your new puppy needs. I hope you got an appropriate training collar. I am sorry, but I noticed some new dog owners do not think an appropriate collar is very important.

Today I am going to talk about appropriate training collars. I am going to be your agony aunt as I am going to recommend some appropriate training collar for you. Read my suggestions please, you can thank me later.

An appropriate collar will make house training your puppy a much easier job.


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