Traveling With Your Dog, Why A Good Dog Crate Matters Most

So, you decided to take your dog with you for this vacation? No, problem, you are not the first person on this planet who wants to travel with a dog. However, you need to know you need some special supplies when you are traveling with your four legged friend.

A crate can be your best friend when you are traveling with a dog. It does not matter, whether you are traveling to a short distance or going far away from your home. A crate can act as your life saver.

In the beginning I used to see travel crate or dogs as a jail, I was not sure if my dog was feeling comfortable inside. But he was and I was right it was kind of a jail and I am saying that in the best way possible. A crate does not allow your dog to go anywhere he likes to. You do not want your dog to run away at a new place, right? Also, you will have co-travellers and they may not like your dog getting too friendly with them, your dog cannot get too friendly if he is inside a crate.

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Even my vet, (a very good one, I might add) told me, taking your dog in a travel crate does not harm him in anyway. Also, one thing I can say from my personal experience, dogs or puppies get bored when they are traveling. They start doing things which catch their owner’s attention. I put some chew toys inside the crate and those toys keep my dog busy.

But here is another fact, not all crate is appropriate when it comes to travel. You need a good crate. Here are my tips for finding an appropriate travel crate.

Vacation Time, Pack Your Dog up for A Trip to The Dog Boarding Facility

Most hotels have humans only policy, so no matter how much you love your dog, you cannot take him with you for every vacation. No worries, there are many dog daycare centers who will happily take care of your beloved pet.

However, the process will not be easy and your dog will not want to stay at a day care in the beginning. But he has to, as vacations are also important for you and your family. I am going to share my valuable tips about how to prepare your dog for longer daycare stay during your trip.

7 Essential Tips For Travelling With Your Dog

Traveling with dogs can be a lot of fun, especially if you do not have friends and family. Single girl travellers can be a lot safer if they are accompanied by a huge guard dog. However, traveling with the dog is not an easy task, especially for the first time dog owner. You need to pay attention to some important matters. I am here to help you of course. My tips will hopefully help new dog owners. Follow my tips, so you can travel with your dog easily & comfortably.

First of all you need to remember one thing, no matter what you need to make sure your dog always feels comfortable. Here are seven things you need to check before traveling with a dog.

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5 Basic Every Day Commands Your Dog Needs To Know And How Can You Teach Them These Commands?

You have selected a pretty name for your dog, but does your dog know it is his/her name? Sorry, if he/she does not then it is your fault. You need to teach your dog some basic commands for everyday life.

These basic commands will transform your new puppy/dog to a house trained dog. Your dog needs to know these commands. Remember a well trained dog can save your life, or even catch a thief who wants to enter your house, so let’s get started.

Owners’ Dilemma: How Can I Stop My Dog From Jumping On Our Guests?

Not all your friends share your love for dog. Most guests are okay if a little puppy jumps on them, but an adult dog is heavy and your guest may not like your dog jumping on them. As an owner it is your job to house train your dog. And not jumping on guests is part of the training.

Dogs do not understand jumping on guest can be a bad thing. They are just trying to say “hello”, dogs get excited when a friend comes to visit them. They jump because they want some attention from the guests.

How To Stop Your Dog From Digging
First time dog owners with a yard get a rude shock when they see multiple holes in their yard. Dogs will dig holes; this is very natural for them. Good news is right training can change your dog’s habits. Here are our tips to how to deal with your dog’s digging habit.

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