Teach Your Dog To Enjoy Human Touch

posted on 2017-02-25  14:22:30 By MissOliviaP

Dogs love their owners, and if you ever rescued a dog you know how much he appreciates your touch. But some of us do not like to hug other people, in same way some dogs do not enjoy human touch. But the good news is, you can teach a dog how to enjoy hug. It is a simple process and I promise it will be fun for both of you.

The main reason behind some dogs not enjoying human hug is that they see it as attack and they want to save themselves. You need to make him understand a hug is a way of showing affection for one another.

Tips for teaching your dog to enjoy your hug

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If you got your dog as a puppy then teaching him to love your touch will be easy. A puppy wants a mother, who will comfort him. Since his birth mother is not in front of him, he starts to treat his owner as his mother.

Your puppy will always know your touch as this is the only comfort he received since he was a baby. However, if you get an adult dog then in the beginning he may not like your cuddle.

You need to start slow. Make your dog sit on your lap and gently start to cuddle him. First put a hand on his head only. Then slowly touch other parts of his body.

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When you are cuddling your dog, talk to him with a soft voice, this will make him even more comfortable.

If your dog tries to run away, hold him but not too tightly, he needs to know you are cuddling him because you love him and not to punish him.

Hold your dog’s head and look deep into his eyes, believe your dog will feel an emotional connection with you.

After spending some time with you, dog will start to recognize your touch. But he also needs to stay calm when other people like vets touch him.

You should ask one of your friends to cuddle your dog. Sit with your dog and your friend. You should both cuddle him at the same time. Both of you should say “good boy.” Your dog will understand he can trust your friend.

Now, keep practicing the same “cuddle session” with other friends. Very soon your dog will start to enjoy human touch.

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