The Importance Of Getting Proper Dog Training Collar

posted on 2017-02-25  07:25:45 By jeffw_00

Fun times start when you bring your puppy home for the first time. It is possible you may have finished shopping for things your new puppy needs. I hope you got an appropriate training collar. I am sorry, but I noticed some new dog owners do not think an appropriate collar is very important.

Today I am going to talk about appropriate training collars. I am going to be your agony aunt as I am going to recommend some appropriate training collar for you. Read my suggestions please, you can thank me later.

An appropriate collar will make house training your puppy a much easier job.

Mistakes first time owners make with dog collar

One major mistake most dog owners make with the collar is, they do not check if the collar is sitting too tightly on dog’s neck. Please make sure there is at least two fingers distance between the collar and your dog’s neck.

You may not understand this, but if the collar is too tight, then not only your dog will feel immense pain, but he can also act violently and try to attack you. He will not think twice before attacking his owner as he is the one who put the collar on.

Training Collar-2.jpg

Make sure your dog’s collar is made of a solid material. Otherwise, it will not last. The leather collar is good.

Now we are talking about collars for training. Shock collar helps dogs train faster. But not all shock collars are good. Here are my tips to purchase the perfect shock collar,

Qualities good shock collar needs to have

  1. Make sure you can adjust the intensity easily
  2. A collar that will give you fast result
  3. You need to purchase a collar that will work even when you are not in front of your dog
  4. A collar that you can actually afford

Training Collar-3.jpg

These days I use a great shock collar for my dog. I use this one; this collar does not give huge shocks to the dog. Trust me; I tested on me before I used it on my dog. It is just vibration and nothing else. My dog is fine even after couple of uses; your dog will feel no pain. The reason I use this particular collar is because it makes my dog understand my language better.

Warning: If you see your dog acting weirdly after you put a shock collar on his neck, remove immediately and take him to the vet.

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