How to Train A Dog for Personal Protection, Teach Him How To Attack On Command

posted on 2017-02-24  17:56:00 By Jim

I know some of my readers are single woman, they live alone, they are thinking about getting a dog for personal protection. Dogs can be great security guards, but you have to train them for it.

Do it own or take the dog to a training center?

Training your dog attack command is not an easy task. Mainly because you do not want your dog to behave aggressively all the time, you want him to attack the intruders.

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Professional trainers are raising security dogs for years. You can take your dog to a training center. Or you can also train him at home.

Things to remember when training a security dog

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  1. Buy a good protective body suit, now do not compromise with price, remember this suit will save your life as you are about to do something dangerous with your dog.
  2. Tell your dog to sit in front of you. You have to teach your dog basic commands before you teach him attack command.
  3. Now start irritating your dog, touch his face, and keep touching him in places that make him angry. You may have to do this for a while as your dog does not see you as a potential attacker. You have to make him angry.
  4. After a while your dog will try to bite your gloves, let him. Now say the command “attack” in loud voice. He needs to understand what attacks means. Let him bite the glove as many times as he wants.
  5. Now say “good job” if he keeps biting the gloves. The idea is to let him know he did a good job when you said “attack”
  6. Now go a little far and try to anger him with something he does not appreciate. You can throw things at him, water makes dogs angry too.
  7. Now, say attack again, if your dog comes and tries to bite your gloves, this means your training was successful and your dog now knows the “attack” command.
  8. I may have said everything at once, but this process will not be this simple. It will take some time.

Attack On Command-3.JPG

The idea is to make your dog understand he will have to attack intruders. But needs to understand he can only get violent when you say attack. He cannot attack you or your family members.

Please see this and remember

I am saying this from personal experience; please do not feed your security dog raw meat as this can make him really violent.

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