Easy Ways To Train Your Dog How To Swim

posted on 2017-02-25  17:23:52 By Jennifer

Swimming is the best way to relax but swimming with your dog is the best possible activity ever. Swimming burns thousand of calories, it is also good for mind. Imagine taking a swim with your dog at the end of a tiring office day.

I swim with my dogs. But I needed to teach them swimming. Not teach swimming, as dogs like other animals know how to swim from birth. But dogs do not like water. So I had to encourage my dog to come near the pool.Here is how I did it.

Reasons your dog should know how to swim

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Human life is uncertain; you do not know what will happen in near future. It is possible in near future your dog may need to swim to save his life.

Swimming can also be a fun activity for your dog. He will burn calories and the physical exercise will keep him in good shape. Apart from these reasons swimming also keeps dogs cool during summer temperature.

Warning: Even though most dogs are natural swimmers, there are some breeds which do not know how to swim at all. Please take your dog to the vet, and he will tell you if your dog is ready for swimming lesson.

Tips for training dog how to swim

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A flotation vest for dogs might be a good idea; it will make sure your dog will never sink. Start small, take him to nearby pool which allow pets, small lake will also do.

Always swim with your dog. It will give him comfort. You should go in the water first. Start playing with a ball and call your dog. If your dog does not want to come do not force him, instead gently hold his hands and take him in the water.

Your dog will start to move his legs (dogs have natural instinct), but give him support, put a hand under his belly. After a while your dog will start to paddle. He will start to swim.

Unlike human babies dogs learn swimming in just one day.

After teaching him how to swim, slowly take him away from water. You have to practice swimming with him for couple of days until your dog starts to enjoy swim.

Please do not take your dogs to water which has Sharks or other dangerous sea animals, safety is most important. Do not feed your dog anything right before you take him for a swim.

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