How To Introduce Your Baby To Your Dog And Make Them Love Each Other

posted on 2017-02-26  15:53:52 By J. Maclauchlan

Dogs see their owners as their parents; I am sure all dog owners also see their dog as their child. Problem occurs when owners bring home their human child. Like an older sibling dogs get jealous of new baby. Your dog thinks your baby is going to steal all the attention.

Dogs and babies make great friends, but only after they spend some time with each other. You need to give your dog some time. But you can actually train your dog to like your baby, here is how.

Tips to train dogs to like babies

Either you have your baby before you got the dog, or you are about to welcome a new baby, and you already have a dog. In any case the main problem is same, in the beginning your dog will see your child as a threat, and so he will try to bite your child. Here is how you can prevent that.

  1. You have to play the authority card with the dog. Yes you have to let him know he needs to listen to you. Do not go easy on your dog when you are training him something very important.
  2. Please do not make the mistake of introducing the baby to the dog right away. Keep the baby away from the dog, and during this time do not cuddle the baby in front of your dog.
  3. Dogs get used to things by smelling them frequently. Put some of your baby’s clothes in front him, let him smell them.
  4. If your dog tries to bite your baby’s clothes, shout “bad boy” and “no”. If he touches them with care, shout “good boy.”
  5. The idea is to get your dog used to your baby’s smell and he needs to know he cannot bite the baby.
  6. Slowly start to introduce him to the baby, go for a walk with both the dog and the baby.
  7. Give him treat; cuddle him and the baby at the same time.
  8. Keep doing these things over and over again and your dog will understand you still care for him as much as you did before.
  1. Do not leave a baby alone with a dog.
  2. If your kids are little older, tell them not to hug the dog too tightly, they may see that as a threat.

To understand co-parenting of dog and babies, please read Dr Lewis Kirkham’s book if possible, this book will help you a lot. You can download the book here.

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