Easy Ways To Teach Your Dog “Leave It“ Command

posted on 2017-02-14  15:27:36 By jason

You need to teach your dog “leave it” command, this command can save his life. Like babies dogs also try to put everything they find on the floor in their mouth. Dogs have great smelling power. House trained dogs will not eat rotten toxic food. But toys have no smell and your dog may try to eat small toy parts. This is the reason why your dog needs to understand what “leave it” command means.

You can save his life by saying the words leave it, but for that to happen first you need to teach your dog the command “leave it”. Our tips will make “leave it” lesson easier for both you and your dog.

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  1. Take your dog and go for a walk near your house. Please keep two different types of treats with you. Teats that your dog loves. Place treats in each hand and close the hands. Keep one of his most favorite treats in your pocket or bag. By this time, your dog will start jumping in front of your hand, he wants the treats. But you will not give him the treat.
  2. Now open one hand and let him have the treat. He will still try to eat the treat from the other hand. Say the words “leave it.” He will not understand this in the beginning. Remember, no matter how hard he tries you just cannot allow him to eat the treat. Keep saying “bad boy” if he tries hard to eat the treat.
  3. After a couple of minutes your dog will get very tired and he will forget about the treat. Tell him “good job” and feed him the good treat you are keeping in your pocket or bag.
  4. This is it; you have to practice this method over and over again. Your dog will understand the meaning of “leave it” command. He will also understand that if he ignores things when you say the words “leave it”, he will get some good treats.

Here is a cute video of teaching a puppy how to drop something. This video is fun to watch and new parents can learn new things from the video,

You can also read books about teaching your dog “leave it” command. I personally love Beverley Courtney’s book about “leave it” command. You can buy the book here

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