What Will You Do When Your Dog Doesn't Listen To Your Command?

posted on 2017-02-12  11:41:09 By tuscdeb

Is it possible to train Your Dog to Come Back to You When You Call Come? Yes. But it will never be an easy task, you can be an experienced dog trainer or a first time dog parent, many times your dog will not listen to your command. In simpler terms he will disobey you. Here are my tips to deal with a disobedient dog.

First of all, let me tell you some bitter truths, your dog is just like your child, you can do everything right with him, but he will still disobey you sometimes. Some people can make their dog pee and poo according to their command, but you may not be one of those lucky people.


  1. Different breed dogs take different times to learn things. Talk to a trainer to understand your dog’s learning capacity first.
  2. Try to raise your voice when you are teaching your dog commands. Do not soften your voice if he cries.
  3. Treat can do wonders. Give him good foods when he listens to you. Do not talk or cuddle your dog for hours if he refuses to obey your command.
  4. You need to teach your dog every day, consistency is very important here.
  5. Your dog needs to understand you are his master; he needs to listen to you.
  6. No matter what, never abuse your dog in any way. He needs to understand you are doing everything for his own good.
  7. Non verbal commands work better on dogs. Like telling your dog to sit by hand gesture.


Your dog is different from other dogs. Not all dogs can learn in same speed, do not compare your dog to your friend’s dog. Your dog loves you, even if he does not listen to you often.

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