Tips To House Train Your Puppy, Yes You Can Teach Him To Toilet For Pee And Poop

posted on 2017-02-11  13:26:48 By Kristle

You need to have positive attitude and tons of patience for potty training your doggy. Let me tell you, sweethearts, your doggy will not learn to use toilets in one day, even in one week. But that does not mean trying to potty train your dog is a lost cause. It will happen, but it will take some time.

Now, wait, I have no intention to make the first time dog owners feel nervous. I am just giving you the real picture here. Your puppy will need 6 months to house train. Here is how you will teach your puppy to use the potty for pee and poop.

You can always build a separate toilet for your dog at your home and that will be more convenient, but of course your dog can always use your toilet too.

Teach Him To Toilet-1.jpg

Ways to potty train dogs

  1. For regular bowel movement, your puppy needs to eat same food at the same time every day. Do not feed him anything else in between until he knows how to use the potty.
  2. Take your puppy to the bathroom after he wakes up. Make him sit on the toilet. Please use an appropriate toilet sit for the puppy.
  3. If he poops and pees in righty manner, award him a treat. If he pees outside the toilet say “no” and walk away fast.
  4. Do the same thing after lunch and dinner time.
  5. Your puppy needs to understand he cannot poop and pee just anywhere. But please do not punish the puppy if he does not obey you in the beginning. It will make him scared.

Teach Him To Toilet-2.jpg

The above steps may look simple but trust me they are not that easy. Your puppy will refuse to use the toilet at first. Using toilet for defecation is not part of dog’s natural behavior. This is why you have to be patient. Even after house training the puppy “accidents” will still happen. You need to know these accidents are absolutely normal.

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