Neapolitan Mastiff Training


Easy to Train
Very (Rating 4/5)
Average (Rating 3/5)


It cannot be stressed enough the importance of socialising a Neapolitan Mastiff puppy from a young age which has to include introducing them to as many new situations, people, animals and other dogs once they have been fully vaccinated as possible so they grow up to be well-rounded, obedient mature dogs. Mastinos are highly intelligent and they learn new things extremely quickly which includes the good and the bad.

However, these large and impressive dogs often take their time to respond to a command which has to be taken into account when training them. As such, patience and understanding are of the utmost importance when their training first starts in earnest. With this in mind, their training has to be consistent and always fair. Like many other dogs, the Mastino is quite a sensitive character by nature and as such, they do not answer well to any sort of harsh correction or heavy handed training methods. They do respond well to positive reinforcement especially when they are given their commands in a firm yet gentle way from the word go.

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