Basic Information

Breed Group
Black and Tan,Brown,Cream,Golden,Gray,Red,Tricolor,White
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



The Saluki is an elegant, graceful and rather dignified looking hound that for centuries has been highly prized in the Middle East not only for their charming looks, but for their hunting prowess too. The Saluki is one of the oldest hound breeds on the planet, but they were only introduced to the UK in 1840 and were only recognised by The Kennel Club in 1923. Over time the Saluki has been a popular choice with people who are familiar with the needs of the breed or this type of highly strung, sensitive and extremely affectionate dog. They are not the best choice for novice owners because Salukis are known to be notoriously difficult to train.

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Records of the Saluki have been carefully kept by Arab sheikhs for hundreds of years because these elegant hounds were and still are highly prized for their hunting abilities in the Middle East. The breed was named after the town of Seleukia, an ancient city that no longer exists.

Salukis are one of the oldest hound breeds in the world and their roots can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia and the Middle East. They were bred as desert dogs and they lived alongside nomadic tribes. These elegant hounds were highly prized for their hunting abilities in hot and arid desert landscapes and they were so highly regarded by the Egyptians that they were known as the 'Royal Dog of Egypt' with mummified remains having been found in the tombs of Pharaohs. Today, they are still prized by the Bedouin people who consider them clean animals which makes these hounds one of the few animals that are allowed to share their tents and homes.

It is thought the breed was introduced into Europe around the 12th century and in 1840, these striking hounds finally made their way to England's shores. Florence Amherst saw some Salukis when she was travelling along the Nile and imported a breeding pair from the Al Salihah area of Lower Egypt. However, the popularity of the Saluki did not take hold until the early 1920s, when officers returning from the war in the Middle East and the Arab Revolt brought their pet Salukis home with them. Today, these beautiful dogs are a popular choice with people familiar with their needs and are always a big hit in the show ring thanks to their unique, elegant and graceful looks.

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