Dear First Time Dog Parents Here Is Why You Should Learn About Food Labels And Ingredients?

posted on 2017-02-04  09:11:46 By Connie T. Harvey

The labels on food packets are not there for decoration only. Well-known brands put all the ingredients they used or the product on their label. Sadly, not many customers bother to read the labels of foods they buy. Dogs are allergic to many chemicals, preservatives. If you are a busy dog parent and your dogs eat dry dog food, then you need to start reading the labels of dog foods. This habit can save your dog’s life. I will tell you more about the importance of reading dog food labels in this article.

First of all take a good look at the ingredients list; here is what these ingredients means,

  1. Meat: Actual flesh of the animal. It can be chicken, beef or any types of fish.
  2. Meat by-products: Meat by-products are not flesh. It means kidney, liver or bone.
  3. Poultry by-products: Liver or kidneys of poultry animals are used to make poultry by-product. Chicken feathers do not count as poultry by-product.
  4. Take a look at the entire list; if you see some fancy names which you do not understand, research about them, it is possible all these ingredients are preservatives. A dog food with multiple preservatives is not good for your dog.


You need to choose a product that contains more meats and fewer meat by-products. Your dog needs to eat foods that have very low sodium. So, take a look at sodium percentage in the dog food.

You must be aware of food safety certificate of your country. Every country uses a particular symbol which shows the product is tested and you can use that without any fear. Learn more about ideal safe dog food certificate of your particular country and see if the dog food you choose have that symbol or not.

Products recommended


Always pick products that contain real ingredients like meats, brown rice, and no preservative. Organic foods cost more than regular food. But they are good for your dog.

Castor & Pollux Organix Dry Dog Food s one of the rare dry foods that contain no preservative and all natural ingredients. I personally used this food many times. Here is what Amazon user Teri said about this product,

“My puppy has been eating this food and I love how I can read all the ingredients on the bag. I worked in a pet store for a little while, I know what some of "the junk" is... View More >>
Teri , an Amazon buyer

As I said you should also always feed your dog foods that uses very little or no preservative at all. Be a responsible dog owner, read the labels, understand the meanings of ingredients. This habit will benefit both you and your dog.

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