Dry Food or Wet Food? How Can You Choose the Best for Your Pet?

posted on 2017-02-03  09:08:49 By Diane

Veteran dog parents know all about right dog food based on their previous experiences. New pet owners always have tough times deciding which food will be best for their four-legged child. The most common question is which is best for dogs, dry food or wet food?

Today I will try to end your dilemma in this article. I will talk about benefits and problems of both dry food and wet food. Read and decide which type of food is best for your dog.

Benefits of wet dog food

  1. Wet food has extra water, which is good. Most dogs refuse to drink plain water. Wet food is good for summer, it prevents dehydration in dogs.
  2. Wet foods are easier to digest, good for older dogs.
  3. Dogs eat wet foods less than dry foods, so less calorie intake, no weight gain problem.
  4. Contains ideal nutrition for dogs.However wet dog foods also have some disadvantages


Disadvantages of wet food

  1. Wet foods can create a mess
  2. Wet foods has no shelf life, it gets bad really quickly
  3. Wet dog foods are very expensive and not available everywhere.


Now, let us look at the benefits of dry foods for dogs

Pros of Dry dog food

  1. Easy to store, do not make a mess
  2. Long shelf life, dry dog food does not go bad quickly.
  3. If you need to go out then you can just put the food in a bowl for your dog and leave. Dry food will not go bad.
  4. Dry dog foods are less expensive than wet dog food.


Dry foods are not all great, they do have some bad points, let us take a look at the disadvantages of dry dog foods.

Cons of dry dog food

  1. Bad for older dogs
  2. Does not have required daily nutrition for dogs.

Give young dogs dry foods along with homemade meals. Purchase wet food for older dogs. Dry dog foods are cheap, but they do not have all necessary nutrition, so you need to give balanced homemade meals to your dogs along with dry foods.

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