Dog Food: Which Brand Is Best For Your Dog?

posted on 2017-02-02  19:29:30 By Judy H

Who says being a dog parent is all about fun? I spent sleepless nights because I was worried my dog’s diet. I was not sure if I was feeding my dog right kinds of foods. I was not sure if my dog was getting all the nutrition he needed. But to my defense, that was my first dog. Experience taught me things. I understood perfect dog diet is a combination of home-based food and pre-prepared dog food. My dogs are doing well, so I must be right.

Tips to choose the right food brand

Dog food market is huge; the variety is overwhelming. It is hard to pick up a dry food packet for your dog when there are so many options. I can make this process simpler for you. Just ask yourself these following questions,


  1. You have to buy dog food every month. You cannot just buy one packet and then stop. So you need to think about the price. You need to decide how much money you can spend on dog food every month. Then choose brands that sell dog foods within your price range.
  2. If money is no object for you, then ask your vet about best quality food brand available on the market.
  3. Go for brands that promote organic food.
  4. Read comments/reviews made by other dog parents about dog food brands.
  5. Read the ingredients list of the product.

I am sure after answering these questions you will understand which food brand is right for you. I can help again. I will talk about the food brand I use for my dog. It is not too expensive, readily available and my dogs love the taste. I am speaking about NATURAL CHOICE Small Breed Adult Chicken, Whole Brown Rice and Oatmeal Formula here. This food has oatmeal (carbohydrate, fiber), Chicken (protein), and rice. Each ingredient used for this already prepared dog food is natural and none of these ingredients can cause dogs any types of allergy.


I have used more expensive brands, but I never got a better result. NATURAL CHOICE makes an excellent product in every affordable price. You can try this product for your dog. You can order this product from Amazon now; they are giving discounts on various dog food items. Here is the link.

P.S. Please do not change dog food brand too often, it is not good for your dog.

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