Basic Information

Breed Group
Black,Black and Tan,White
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



Over the years Chihuahuas have found their way into the hearts and homes of many people around the world. The breed hails from Mexico where they are highly prized for their cuteness, their intelligence and the fact these tiny characters think they are bigger than they really are. One thing a Chihuahua is not, and that is purely a lapdog. Bursting with energy and character, these little dogs are great fun to share a home with. They are fiercely courageous and will stand their ground no matter what. They are also loyal and affectionate characters liking nothing more than to spend as much time with their owners as they possible can which means they do not tolerate being left on their own.

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Although there is still some discussion as to how the Chihuahua first came about, whether they first appeared in Europe or Mexico, it seems the latter is the most likely all thanks to archaeological finds and local Mexican folk tales. There is some belief that the breed is a descendant of dogs that were around in ancient times when a Mexican civilisation known as the Toltec kept very similar looking tiny dogs called the Techichi. This theory on the origins of the Chihuahua is supported by dog burials found that date back to 300 BC.

With this said, there are other people who think the breed first appeared either in Spain or Malta with very similar looking dogs appearing in paintings and frescoes of the time. These images were done before Christopher Columbus came back from his voyage to the "New World" which means the Chihuahua existed in these regions of the world before his epic voyages across the Atlantic.

The first records of the modern Chihuahua date back to the 1800's when entrepreneurial Mexicans starting selling these tiny dogs to tourists who were visiting the country. The first Chihuahua, named "Midget" was registered in the US in 1904 and the popularity of the breed took off from that point on. They were especially popular with ladies who wanted tiny companion dogs. It was not until the 1800s that Chihuahuas became a popular choice here in the UK but it did not take long before these tiny dogs became a firm favourite elsewhere in the world too.

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