5 Popular Celebrities Who Love Maltipoo Dogs

posted on 2017-03-13  21:52:18 By Sonoma Geezer

Don't let the small size fool you. These dogs are packed with personality.

Everyone loves Maltipoos and why should not they love these dogs? They’re cute, friendly, lovable, playful and adorable dogs. All kinds of people love them especially famous stars making them Celebrities pets and are especially loved by their celebrity owner. Speaking of celebrities, below are five celebrities that own a Maltipoo dog. Said celebrities also love their Maltipoo pet very much.

Rihanna and Oliver

Well-known Barbadian singer Rihanna is not just a talented singer and songwriter, but she is also a softie when it comes to pets. Specifically, her pet Maltipoo dog that she named Oliver.
Oliver, who was adopted by the singer in 2007, tends to bring out the soft side of tough-talking Rihanna and in return, she gives her pet some cheeky makeovers. Oliver once wore a white T-shirt with the words “Rihanna is my B*TCH!” printed on the back.

Jessica Simpson and Daisy

A lot of Jessica Simpson’s friends can attest to the fact that the star loves her Maltipoo dog Daisy so much that she considers her pet to be her “baby” and she its “mommy” In fact Daisy is one of the most pampered pets in Hollywood.
Sadly the five years of happy relationship between Jessica and her dog came to a tragic end. Daisy was snatched by a coyote and was not recovered. This incident devastated Jessica, which in turn saddened her friends and former husband. Nick Lachey. Thankfully she is overcoming her grief over Daisy.

Brooke Burns and Max

The former star of the show “Melrose Place” can understand what it’s like to lose a very close pet. Their black Maltipoo Max went missing one day on Saturday, which caused devastating grief to Brooke and her daughter Madison who love the dog so much. Thankfully the three-year-old dog was returned to her family after several days. Incidents like these show that their owners very much love celebrities pets to the poi t of being considered as part of the household like humans.

Ashley Tisdale and Maui

There is no doubt that the Maltipoo dog that belongs to “High School Musical” star Ashley Tisdale is the cutest pet in Hollywood. The teeny tiny Teacup dog was present for the star given to her by her parents. Ashley named her Maltipoo Maui based on an inspiration of her family visiting Hawaii. She settled for the shortest and easiest name when calling her dog. Like Jessica Simpson she considerers herself to be Maui’s “mommy”.

Ellen DeGeneres and Wolf

Ellen DeGeneres is very busy being a comedian, actress, producer, writer and hosting her TV talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, but she is not too busy to share her life with a Maltipoo dog pet.
The Maltipoo Wolf was rescued off the street by Ellen. According to Ellen, she saw a man mistreating the poor dog and decided to offer him money for the dog. Wolf was in a bad shape due to lack of nourishment, but thanks to Ellen’s caring efforts Wolf managed to recover.

Celebrities pets are no different compared to other dog pets aside from being owned by a famous star. It is true that some celebrities buy their Maltipoo at a high price since the highest Maltipoo price is $1600. But some stars just adopted their Maltipoo off the streets, dog kennels and abusive owners. It is true that a Maltipoo is a lovable pet dog, and celebrities who own such a dog can testify to that fact.

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