Planning To Buy A Dog? But Did You Make Your Car Dog Friendly Yet?

posted on 2017-03-01  08:49:59 By K.Jim

Expecting parents make sure their cars are ready to travel with a baby. Unfortunately these people not make their cars “dog proof.” Buying a car seat for the dog is not going to be enough. Do you know there are hidden dangers lying in your car? Your car can kill your dog.

You cannot avoid car travel with your dog. You need to take your dog to vet time to time. Today I am going to talk about car safety for dogs. Here is what you need to do if you are planning buy a dog in next few months.

Today I am going talk about dogs to buy for people who needs help. Remember just buying the dog will not be enough; you also need to train the dog so they can help their owners.

How to make travel safe for the dog

  1. Dogs are different than human beings, they are wild animals. Dogs are not meant for riding a car. This is why dogs do not have natural instincts about anything related to car traveling. Always put your dog in a crate when you are traveling with him. Your car may face an accident on the road. If your dog is inside the cast then he will get least affected by the accident.
  2. Many of us carry gum in car. You need to make sure your dog cannot touch the gum. Gum can kill your dog. Raisins and grapes are also toxic for dogs. So do not carry those items when you are traveling with your dog.

  3. Make sure your cars have no broken doors. Dogs can get curious and a broken door can cause your dog some serious injury. Always check the doors before you start driving. You need to make sure all the doors are nicely locked.
  4. Dogs have the habit of jumping onto their owners’ lap all of a sudden. This is cute at home, but this habit can cause serious accident when you are driving on the busy road. You need to make sure your dog is wearing a seatbelt, so even if he tries he cannot make any sudden moves.
  5. No matter how much you love your dog, your dog cannot sit on the front seat. There are YouTube videos where you can see a dog is sitting on the front seat and holding his owner’s hand. This may appear cute, but this can cause fatal accidents. Hold your dog’s hands when you both are at home.

  6. Do not keep the windows open while traveling with your dog. Your dog can die if he tries to jump out from the speeding car. Open window is a no-no.
  7. Crates are better than seatbelts; dogs have the nasty habit of chewing the seatbelt. They cannot chew the crate.
  8. Always make sure someone is with your dog in the car. Do not leave the dog alone in the car. Recently three dogs died in the car because it got too heated. The dogs were burnt alive.

Dogs cannot talk; this makes them a little unpredictable. Always take accurate safety measure when you are traveling with a dog.

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