Dog Auto Supplies, Car Accessories You Need For Traveling With Your Dog

posted on 2017-02-26  07:14:43 By Kim B

My dog loves to travel and I also love to travel with him. However, traveling with my dog is not cheap. As a new owner I did not actually know “the right way to travel with a dog” I just took him and went for a drive. But later I regretted those travel as my car used to a mess after the trip.

I raised many dogs and I am now an expert on traveling with the dog. Today I am going to share my knowledge with you. Pay attention as my suggestions are going to make a lot of difference in your and your dog’s lives.

How am I going to help you? I am going to tell you about products I use when I travel with my dog. If you are a new pet owner, then you need to purchase every item mentioned in my list. Otherwise your car will be a mess after you take your dog out.

Forget the mess, the items mentioned on my list are also going to make your travel time with your dog much safer, so is not that a good enough reason to pay attention to.

Dog Auto Supplies-1.jpg

Items you need to buy for traveling with your dog

Dog car seat

AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover for Pets

I love this car seat, it is not cheap, but my dog looks very comfortable when he sits on it. I also love it because it is waterproof (accidents can happen anytime with a dog).

Backseat Pet Barrier

Trust me you will need a backseat barrier when you are driving with a dog. You just never drive when your dog wants to come out in the front and want to give you cuddle. It may sound cute, but when you are driving it can cause accidents. So purchase this please.

Dog Auto Supplies-2.jpg

Kurgo Backseat Reversible Dog Bridge Car Seat Extender

I got this for family picnic times. Your dog may feel tired and want to take a nap while you are enjoying outdoors. This car seat can turn into a nice size car bed. My dog love it and so do I. I also serve food on it; my dog cannot make a mess with his foods as the seat is very wide. Foot items stay on the seat.

Apart from these you also need to have dry foods and a water bottle when you are traveling with your dog.

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