How To Adopt A Dog From Animal Shelter?

posted on 2017-02-23  19:20:33 By G. Johnston

You may have heard the slogan” do not buy, adopt.” Adopting a dog is always better than purchasing a dog. Adopting a dog means you are giving an abandoned dog a home. It is a beautiful thing. Also think about it, you will have a dog, but you will not need to pay a single dollar to own the dog. Adopting a dog is a win-win situation for everyone.

But adopting a dog may not be as easy as it sounds. You need to complete some formalities before you adopt a dog. Adoption process is going to be lengthy, but please try to keep your patience as the result is going to be extremely rewarding.

You can adopt a dog from anywhere within the country, but I suggest you to adopt a dog from the nearest animal center. You need to spend some time with the dog before you bring him home. You need to see if the dog is suitable for your lifestyle. Not all dog breeds are suitable for you.

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Dog shelters are great; they give people options to choose the most perfect dog according to their need.

Important aspects to keep in mind while adopting a dog

Time: A rescue dog needs lots of attention in the beginning. Remember, their first owner abandoned them. They will need time to trust a new owner. You have to spend lots of time with the new dog.

Medical cost: You will need about $500 a year for your dog’s check-ups and vaccinations.

Breed: Make sure you know if you are allergic to dog hair, if you are, then adopt a dog from hairless breed.

Training: Rescue dogs have some issues and some of them need professional training. This kind of dog training will cost you some more dollars.

Home: Do you really have space in home for a dog? Dogs need their own space.

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Death: A dog’s life is much shorter than human lives. A rescue dog already lived some years. It is possible your new dog will die within five/six years of adoption, are you ready to cope with that trauma?

I suggest you to read a book by Diane Rose-Solomon; in her book she explained the pros and cons of adopting a dog very well. You can purchase this book here.

A dog understands when he is saved; a rescue will always be loyal to his owner.

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