The Hardest Decision For A Pet Parent: What If You Have To Give Up Your Dog?

posted on 2017-02-23  16:56:23 By Cam

No one wants to address this issue, but we are going to. Sometimes a pet owner needs to give up his/her dog, it happens. It is sad, but not uncommon. Today, I decided to talk about this difficult side of pet parenting.

The reason may be different for each pet owner, but giving up a pet is never easy for anyone. My tips will help you if you even face a difficult situation like this. Please remember, this may never happen in your case, and I pray you and your dog will always stay together.

How do you know it is time to give up your dog?

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As I said more than once, giving up a dog is never going to be easy. You have to be strong. Your emotion will run high; your emotion may stop you from making the right decision. But you have to stay strong, as sometimes in life you need to do “unpleasant” things.

There are two main reasons why an owner needs to give up his dog. The first reason is after getting the dog, owner finds out the dog is not appropriate for his house. One family member may be allergic to the dog, or even after days the dog is not getting house trained. Sometimes, a person has to give up his/her dog because his neighbors do not like dogs and he has no other place to live. Then there are owners who get fired from the job, and they cannot afford to have a dog anymore. Chronic disease can be another reason

The other reason is, dog is too old and it is time to take him to the vet for one last time. Old dogs cannot see anything, they cannot eat, and dying process is hard on dogs. As an owner you need to make sure your dog’s dying process is quick and pain-free. For that you need to say him goodbye.

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How to make appropriate arrangements

If you have to give up your dog because he is not appropriate for your home, then you need to make sure your dog finds a right home. You can get in touch with a local animal shelter. Tell them everything, do not hide. Hopefully, they will be able to find a right home for your dog. Please do not drop the dog at a shelter and abandon him right away. Make sure your dog gets adopted by a caring family.

Euthanasia ends pain for dying old dog. You need to talk to a good vet if your dog is old, not eating anything for more than three days. Talk to the vet, fix a date, and then spend some quality time with him before saying goodbye forever.

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Saying goodbye to a pet is no less painful than saying goodbye to a friend or family. So no matter what the reason is, giving up a pet will be hard. But you have to do the right thing.

I also had to give up dogs because they were too old. I was sad, then I read a book by author Wendy Van de Poll and it gave me some comfort. Her book is amazing and according to me must read for every dog owner. You can download the book here

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