10 Things You Need To Do If You Are Flying With Your Dog For The First Time

posted on 2017-02-20  18:28:42 By Brian McLaughlin

Some advertisements make us believe traveling with a dog is an easy task. In reality traveling with a dog can be a nightmare. Pet-Friendly Hotels are not that uncommon in 2017. But you have to travel by aeroplane to reach the hotel. Dogs do not enjoy flights. However, as an owner you can make your dog’s airplane travel comfortable. You can do things that make your pet’s journey. But to that you need to know exactly what kind o trouble one faces during flight with a dog.

Here are my tips to avoid common problems during a flight with your dog.

Did your vet say your dog is ready to fly?

This is very important; please take your dog to the vet before you take the vacation. The vet can examine your dog and tell if his body has the right temperature for flying.

A comfortable crate

Flying With Your Dog-1.jpg

Comfortable travel crate is must. Your dog will spend a lot of time inside the travel crate. He needs to feel comfortable inside the crate. Do not buy a small crate to pay less airline charges. Buy crate according to your dog’s size.

Care pack

Pack your dog’s favorite food, snack, treats, medicine, vitamin supplements, chew toys and other things he uses every day.

Comfortable seat

Flying With Your Dog-2.jpg

Your dog is not going to tell you if his seat is comfortable or not. You need to check it, make sure your dog’s seat is little bigger than his body size. Otherwise he will feel discomfort during travel.

Book your dog’s spot

No need to surprise the airline authorities with a dog. Tell them you are traveling with a dog when you are booking your seat. This way airline will be prepared for your dog.

Carry extra money

You have to pay extra money for your dog. You cannot change these rules; give the airline employees what they want for a peaceful journey.

Keep the medical certificates with you

Show airline employees all the vaccination documents for your dog to assure them your dog has no health problems. This is another routine procedure that all travellers need to follow.

Carry a travel potty

Flying With Your Dog-2.jpg

Your dog may need to use the toilet during the travel, carry a travel potty( like this one) inside the crate; your pet will feel comfortable.

Do not feed the dog two hours before travel

This is another common mistake most first time dog parents make. Please stop feeding the dog at least two hours before travel.

Spend time with your dog before travel

Take your dog for long walks before you take a trip with him. He will feel good; he needs to know his wellness means a lot to you.

I suggest you take your dog for small travel experiences first and then take him for long journey. You can take him for long drives or campaign trip. Get him ready for long travels before you book that flight seat for him.

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