5 Basic Every Day Commands Your Dog Needs To Know And How Can You Teach Them These Commands?

posted on 2017-02-17  15:36:53 By Noelle

You have selected a pretty name for your dog, but does your dog know it is his/her name? Sorry, if he/she does not then it is your fault. You need to teach your dog some basic commands for everyday life.

These basic commands will transform your new puppy/dog to a house trained dog. Your dog needs to know these commands. Remember a well trained dog can save your life, or even catch a thief who wants to enter your house, so let’s get started.

How to teach a dog basic everyday commands

1. Teach your dog his/her name

Start calling your dog with his/her name. If your dog looks at you when you say his name, reward him a treat. Keep practicing this method and in one week your dog will come to you when you mention his/her name.

5 Basic Every Day Commands-1.jpg

2. Sit

After learning his name your dog needs to learn sit command. Say the word sit and you sit. Also show some hand gesture. After your dog sits give him a treat, if he does not keep teaching him. The idea is to let him understand if he sits when you ask him to, he will get a treat.

3. Peeing outside the house

Dogs start to act differently when they need to pee. Keep the dog’s collar near the door, every time your dog gives a “peer” sign take him outside. After he finishes his job, say “well done”. You need to do the opposite if he pees inside the house, say “no” in loud voice, he will understand he needs to pee outside.

4. Come

Hold one of your dog’s favorite treats and say “come.” Now keep moving away from him and keep saying the command “come.” After sometime when he is in front of you, give him the treat. Say “well done.” Keep practicing this method every day.

5. Settle

Sometimes your dog will get too excited and you will need to calm down your dog. You need to teach him the command “settle”. Once your dog is excited and starts jumping in front of you, say “settle”. Keep saying it, he will calm down after some time. Say “good boy” when he sits on the floor after getting tired. You can give him a small treat.

These commands will improve your relationship with your dog.

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