How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

posted on 2017-02-16  08:34:56 By Kassy Lake

First time dog owners with a yard get a rude shock when they see multiple holes in their yard. Dogs will dig holes; this is very natural for them. Good news is right training can change your dog’s habits. Here are our tips to how to deal with your dog’s digging habit.

Reasons why dogs dig

The reason behind dog’s digging is very interesting; dogs dig holes because they want to build a den where they can rest. Dogs think a self-built den will protect them from their enemies. Female dogs dig holes when they are about to have some puppies.

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Step by step guide to stop dogs from digging holes at the back yard

1. Give him a spot in the yard

Natural habits do not die in one day. An easy thing to do is to give the dog a spot at your yard. Always be with the dog when he goes to the yard. Take him to his spot; if he starts digging encourage him by saying words like “good job boy.”

2. Protect your garden from the dog

You can build a high fence around your garden. Your dog will not able to go near the vegetable or flower plants, so there will be no question of digging holes and ruining plants.

3. Power of words

You do not have to give your dog some serious punishments in case he digs holes at your yard, but you can always say “bad dog” whenever he digs a hole at yard. Say the words and walk away. Your dog needs to understand his act did not please his owner.

4. Play with home

House based dogs have a secure home, they do not need to dig a den, and most home based dogs try to dig holes because they are bored. You need to keep the dog busy. Take him for long walks, play with him, and he will not dig holes.

Things to remember

  1. Even though digging holes cannot be considered a good job, do not give your dog any kind of hard punishment. It will scare him for life.
  2. Do not ever take away his meal privileges if he digs holes.
  3. Dogs dig den to hide bones, so if you have a long yard, do not give your dog bones.

Old house trained dogs do not dig holes, so you do not need to spend sleepless nights if your dog does not changes his habits right after coming to your house.

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