How To Teach An Aggressive Dog To Socialize?

posted on 2017-02-10  15:06:59 By AJ

Who does not enjoy a long walk with their dog? It is the best stress buster. But a long walk with your dog can also be a nightmare if your dog does not like other dogs. There will be other dogs on the road. Your dog needs to like other dogs like him, otherwise you will not be able to take him to dog parks.

Here are my tips for teaching a dog to like other dogs,


You need to give your dog sometimes. If he shouts after seeing another dog walking besides him, do not react, do not say anything, if go starts to act aggressive say “bad doggy “in a loud voice.

The other dog may also react, so try to keep a safe distance. Some dog breeds can be very aggressive, so be careful.

Small dogs do not understand they are small in size; they get very aggressive when they see large dogs. If your dog is small, then do not pick him up in front of a large dog. Believe it or not dog do not like to be treated like a baby, especially in front of a new dog.

You can give both the dogs some treat (only if other owners agree), sharing food is an easy way to become friends.

Large dogs want to act like a leader. If your golden retriever tries to boss other small dogs on the street, say “no “to him in a loud voice. Do it constantly in front of other dogs and he will understand he is doing something wrong.

Cuddle other dogs in front of your dog, and then cuddle your dog. He will understand you will always love him, and the other dog will never take his place in your life.


You are the boss; your dog will follow you. He will learn everything from you. Do not scold other people’s dogs if you want to raise a friendly dog.

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