How To Understand The Secret Meaning Of Your Dog’s Body Language

posted on 2017-02-07  09:32:54 By V. E. Perry

Dogs do not talk, but they use their body language activities to convey their needs. We all know a dog's "gotta go to potty "signs. But there are other signs. I am raising dogs for years, so I can read my dog’s body language very easily. However, as a first-time dog parent, you may have difficulties in understanding your dog’s body language. No worry, as today I am going to talk about the meaning of dog’s most common body language in this article.

Dog’s Tail Wagging And What Does They Mean

Dogs communicate with their tails. If a dog is wagging its tail slowly it means he is greeting someone new. Your dog will always wag its tail frequently when he sees you after a long time.

body language - pic 1.jpg

If your dog’s tail is straight that means he is curiously looking at something new.

If your dog is looking at a single point and wagging its tail slowly from side to side, take a look at the place where he is looking. You may spot an insect or a snake, which is scaring your dog.

Dog wagging its tail in high speed means he is about to take a step.

If dog’s tail is pointed on floor’s direction that means something scared the dog.

Other body languages that every owner needs to know

If you notice your dog is trying to spend time away from you, be aware, it means your dog is suffering from a serious physical problem. Take him to the vet immediately.

If your dog is sitting right by the door, it means he wants pee or poop.

body language - pic 3.jpg

Any changes in your dog’s daily activity means he is suffering from some kind of illness.

The dog normally does same things every day if they are doing well. A slight change in their behavior means something is not right. You need to consult a vet immediately.

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