How To Extra Nutrition To Your Dog’s Daily Diet?

posted on 2017-02-05  16:54:33 By Ari Finkelman

Dogs will eat meat without any hesitation at all. Our four-legged friends love the smell of meat. But meats can only supply protein to their bodies. Dogs need fiber, vitamins, and iron just like humans. Some good dog food brands do make well-balanced meals. But they are incredibly costly. We know some of our readers are college students who cannot afford to buy those brands every month. But that does not mean they cannot give their dogs more nutritious foods, here is a sneaky way to give your dog more healthy foods.

Vegetables: Green vegetables supply manganese, iron, potassium, and Fiber. Broccoli does not have any taste or smell. Add broccoli in all dog’s meals. You can add ¾ cup meat and ¼ cup broccoli. Your dog will eat broccoli even without knowing eat. Also, put finely chopped carrots in every dog meal.


Treats: Every dog loves a sweet treat. Instead of giving him dog biscuits give him small pieces of watermelon, mango, or apple. These foods contain lots of vitamins. These fruits will give your dog shiny hair.

Brown Rice: Brown rice has lots of health benefits. Keep feeding your dog rice with meats.

Oatmeal: Dogs will not plain oatmeal. However, Oatmeal is very healthy for dogs. Put some small pieces of meats in boiling water. Boil the meats for ten minutes. Now add the oat. You can also add some salt. Your dog will not say no to meat flavored oatmeal.

Water: Since dogs eat lots of meat, they also need to drink plenty of fresh water to digest those proteins well. Give your dog foods like chicken soup with lots of water and vegetables. Chicken soup is the healthiest dinner for dogs.

Taking care of a dog is not much different from raising a human kid. Both kids and dogs will only eat foods that they like, so you have to be sneaky.

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