Is It Necessary To Spay or Neuter Your Dog?

posted on 2017-02-02  07:13:59 By C. Davis

I have some friends who just adopted a puppy. Since I am a senior dog parent, I often ask these new parents about their plan of handling “adult” dog problems. Dogs become sexually adult before human kids do. The best way to deal with dogs’ sexual urges is to neuter/spray them. Some young parents worry if they take this step then they will harm their dogs’ natural growth. See, this is where they are thinking wrong. Neutering your dog is actually beneficial for him.

Reason to Spay or Neuter Your Dog

  1. Neutering is good for both male and female dogs.
  2. Dogs live longer because of neutering
  3. You will not have to deal with “dog breeding season” related problems.
  4. Your dogs will obey you more.
  5. Your dog does not need to stay at the hospital for long. Neutering is not bad for his/her health.
  6. Your dog will be more loyal to you.
  7. Neutering is not at all costly. Most probably your local hospital will be able to do this procedure.
  8. You will not need to find a partner for your dog.
  9. Think about this, how you going to handle more dogs. If you are raising a female dog and she gives birth to puppies, they are cute, but to raise them you will need a lot more money.
  10.   Neutering will not make your dog sad. He/she will still live a fulfilling life.

What age?

The ideal age for neutering your puppy is eight weeks. You need to talk to your vet about the procedure.

Some Important Tips

Neutering does not physically hurt the puppy. But your puppy still needs to spend some time at the hospital. There will be some changes in his/her behavior. As a parent, you have to deal with these changes. Here are some changes you can expect in your puppy after the neutering,

  1. This is a medical procedure. The dog may feel little nauseated. He/she may not like to eat right after the operation. Please do not make your dog eat food when he/she does not want to. Give some time to heal.
  2. A part of your dog’s body, which he licks often will not be there anymore. So get ready to watch him licking unusual things around the house, like his dog collar or your feet. This will go away very soon.
  3. Female dogs may want to spend some more time with her human parent. Give her the attention she needs.
  4. Do not go for long walks with your dog right after neutering. He/she needs some rest. So wait for a couple of days before you begin the normal physical activity with your dog.
  5. Your dog may develop some rashes on the neutering spot. It will go away soon.

After some days everything will be normal and better. Your dog will always remain close to you. He/she will not be restless anymore. So for a better future, you need to neuter your dog.

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