First Time Dog Owners Guide, How To Create An Aid Kit?

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I was walking my dog near my house. All of a sudden, I see blood coming out of his foot. He had a minor injury. But I needed to take care of it anyway. Thank God I was right beside my house. But, this incident made me think. I wondered if I can make an aid kit for my dog. I searched and found out first-aid kits for dogs are not that uncommon.

Reason to create an aid kit

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What if your dog gets injured far from your house, and there is no vet’s office nearby? Your dog can also get bitten by a snake or a bee; a first-aid kit can save your dog’s life.

Function of dog aid kit


To provide a dog emergency care when he is far away from a vet’s office, the place can be your home or a dog park.

How many medicines should an aid kit carry?

Not many, just a few emergency medicines. Allergy medicines, antiseptic lotion, scissor, insect bite ointment, cotton balls, band-aid are enough for a dog first-aid kit. You also need a good pouch to carry all those medicines. I use Canine Friendly Pocket Pet First Aid Kit , it looks good and at the same time very light.

I talked about many types of multiple types of medicine; please remember your vet needs to suggest the medicines. You cannot just go to the store and pick-up any medicine for your dog.

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