Clipping Dog's Nails: Step By step guide

posted on 2017-01-25  15:46:33 By rob robinson

I will be honest with you, me and my dog both used to fear nail clipping sessions in the beginning. However, my dog’s vet told me I need to cut his nails regularly. So I had to do it anyway. You need to be tough like me.

Reason to clip dog’s nails

You want to cuddle your dog after a tired day at the office. Your dog wants to hug you too. But his long nails can hurt you. Long nails can damage your eyes too. Do not take a chance; always trim your dog’s nails.

Cycle of trimming your dog’s nail

You need to cut your dog’s nails once a month. Dogs scratch floors, if you see scratch marks on the floor, cut your dog’s nails. This is an easy way to decide when to cut your dog’s nails. In old days dogs used to play outside. Hard surface used to trim their nails naturally. But these days most dogs live inside an apartment. This is why owners need to cut dog’s fingernails in regular intervals.

Tools and Steps to cut your dog’s nails

Dog grooming is important and good for dogs. But your dog does not understand that. In the beginning he will hate the entire grooming process. Dogs are very sensitive. Only use small scissor type nail clippers for your dog. Make sure the nail clipper you are using is sharp.

Here is a very important tip. Always take the dog outside when you are trying to trim his nail. Go for an extensive play session, give him some treats. Place a mat on the grass. You can also take some of your dog’s favorite chew toys with you.

Ask your dog to sit on the mat. Now gently hold his paw. Please hold the clipper parallel to the fingernail. After cutting the nail, remove excess hair from the finger area. You can use children’s scissor for this.

Clipping your dog’s nails regularly will prevent injuries.

Products recommended for cutting your dog’s nails

You can be your dog’s groomer. But you need to have the right tools. We are dog lovers. We used many nail clippers for dogs. But we only liked selected few nail clippers. Here are top three nail clippers for dogs chosen by us.Remember, this is no advertisement, but rather true reviews of dog grooming products.

Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer

Review from buyers

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