Norwegian Elkhound


Basic Information

Breed Group
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



The Norwegian Elkhound is a sturdy, solid looking dog bred to hunt elk in the very northern regions of Norway. They are Spitz-type dogs with the same typical physical traits namely pricked ears and tight curly tails. They are highly prized in their native Norway, not only for their stamina out hunting, but also for their friendly and loyal natures. Although not so well known here in the UK, the Norwegian Elkhound is gaining a fan base thanks to their handsome looks and kind natures although they are best suited to people who are familiar with the specific needs of this type of dog rather than novice owners.

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The Norwegian Elkhound is thought to be an ancient breed with remains of very similar looking dogs having been discovered that date back to the Stone Age. These charming Spitz-type dogs originate from the very northern regions of Scandinavia where they were bred to hunt and guard livestock, living alongside Vikings. They are highly skilled hunters being able to track their prey over great distances which includes larger animals like Elk. They are known to work just as well at night as they are during the day - a trait that made them highly prized by their owners.

They were given their name Elkhound which translated from Norwegian means "moose dog" even though they were used to hunt smaller prey. Today, they are still extremely popular in Scandinavia not only for their hunting and guarding skills, but also because these charming dogs make wonderful companions and family pets thanks to their kind and calm natures. With this said, anyone wishing to share a home with a Norwegian Elkhound would need to register their interest with breeders and agree to being put on a waiting list because so few well-bred pedigree puppies are registered with The Kennel Club every year.

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