Swedish Vallhund Training


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Vallhunds are highly intelligent and as previously mentioned, they learn new things extremely fast. They excel at many canine sports which includes activities like flyball, agility and obedience because they thrive on the attention they are given during their training and the one-to-one contact when competing with their handlers.  The key to successfully training a Vallhund is to make their training as interesting as possible and to avoid too much repetition. It's also a good idea to keep training sessions short which helps dogs stay more focussed on what it’s being asked of them, bearing in mind that the more intelligent a dog is, the faster they get bored, bearing in mind they are extremely smart dogs.

They do not answer well to harsh correction or any sort of heavy handed training methods, but they do respond extremely well to positive reinforcement which always brings the best out of these intelligent and quick witted dogs, especially when there are high value rewards involved, making sure not to give too many food rewards as it could lead to a dog putting on weight which could seriously impact their overall health and well-being.

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