Pekingese Training


Easy to Train
Average (Rating 3/5)
Average (Rating 3/5)


Pekes are known to be intelligent little dogs and they do like to please. However, they boast a bit of a stubborn streak in them and are quite independent characters by nature which often means training them can prove a little challenging to say the least. The key to successfully training a Pekingese is not to rush things because these little dogs tend to do things in their "own time". In short, it takes a lot of patience and understanding to successfully train a Peke.

Their training has to start early, it has to be consistent and always fair so that a Peke understands what their owner expects of them. Socialising a dog early enough pays dividends because it helps these little dogs grow up to be more relaxed mature dogs that are a pleasure to have around and take anywhere. When they have not been well socialised, a Pekingese can be a bit of a handful even though they are such small dogs.

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