Necessary Dieting Changes You Need To Make When Your Puppy Becomes An Adult Dog

posted on 2017-02-06  14:46:17 By Kimberly

Puppies are always hungry like babies. You have to keep feeding small dog babies nutritious meals throughout the day. Adult dogs need three meals only. But they require more nutrition. Dog’s life has three stages. A puppy needs lots of care as he is growing every day. Middle age dogs needs three balanced meals and occasional snacks. Older dogs do not have great appetite, and most of them have weak teeth, aged dogs need different types of foods. Today we are going to tell you all about ideal dog diet for every age.

Ideal diet for puppies

Your puppy will only eat liquids until he is four weeks old. After that you need to start introducing solid foods your puppy. Your vet will help with Puppy’s diet.

You can add mix dry dog food and water and feed it to your puppy. Feed him six small meals during the day.

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For snacks, give your puppy one fourth of eggs, one boiled piece of carrot, or one small slice apple.

Diets for adult dogs

Age 1 to 5 is the most important stage of a dog’s life. They remain very active during this age. At this age they need three balanced meals and two snacks.

Give your dog a mixture of dry dog food and home cooked meals during ages 1 to 5. Make sure home cooked meals contain meat, vegetables and rice or oatmeal.

A very small amount of fruits can be a good snack at this age.

Old dogs

With age dog’s teeth gets weaker. Older dogs are also less hungry. Try to feed your aged dog good quality wet dog food three times a day and that will be enough.

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This was a general idea. You should always consult a very before making any dietary changes for your dog.

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