posted on 2017-02-03  18:33:18 By Bill W.

In my previous article, I mentioned how a balanced meal for dogs should be a combination of a homemade meal and readymade dry food made by well-known brands. We already talked about a top dog food brand and criteria for choosing the right dry food. In this article, I am going to talk about how to make homemade meals for the dog.


First of all like humans your dog also needs vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber from his food. Dogs can only digest couple of ingredients. Most spices/sauces we eat are toxic for dogs. You should always prepare your dog’s food separately; you cannot give him foods your family eats.

Some may argue and say why cook for dogs at home. I disagree with this. I can talk about many reasons why you should cook for your dog at home. Most importantly even the best ready-made dog food does not contain all the required nutrition. Dog foods are expensive; if your dog eats half homemade meal and half pre-prepared food, then it will save some money for you. Lastly, preparing a meal for dogs is one of the easiest jobs on this planet.

Tips to prepare balanced meal for dogs

Rice: You should buy long grain organic brown rice for your dog. Soak the rice in clean water before cooking. Rice needs to be well-cooked, so your dog can digest it well.

Meat: You can use chicken, salmon, or beef for your dog. But please make the meat boneless first. Bones are bad for your dog’s teeth. Cook the meat in clean water, add very little salt to taste. I know salt is not good for dogs. But a little salt will make the meat taste better. Dogs also need sodium in small doses. Salt helps in dog’s growth.

Vegetables: Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower are great for dogs. Cut these vegetables into small pieces, wash them and then boil these vegetables with meat. Dogs will eat anything that has meat flavor in it.


That is it; serve your dog rice, meat-vegetable mix along with pre-prepared dog food every day. Your dog will be healthy and happy.

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