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Facts about JACK SPARROW

Yorkshire Terrier

Sale Information

Rescue Group
(713) 826-9057


allentown, PA

Pet ID


Characteristics: Friendly, Affectionate, Loyal, Gentle, Smart, Independent, Curious

Coat length: Medium

House-trained: Yes


PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AND REQUIREMENTS FOR ADOPTION JACK SPARROW is currently in foster care in Houston, Texas and the adoption fee includes his transportation with Mighty Mutt Shipping to the north east if interested there is an application on our website https:/www.houstonshaggydogrescue.org/apply/ Sweet Jack Sparrow is such a handsome boy, he is approx 3 years and 15 lbs, he has a funky tail, its about 4 inches long, I cannot tell if someone tried to dock it at birth and did a bad job or if it was cut off..but I don't think it was..we did a Dna test on Jack and he is 56% yorkie.. 19% Shih Tzu along with several other breeds.. he gets along great with the other rescues but doesn’t interact or play with them ,he loves to get all of the attention and doesn’t like the other dogs honing in when he is getting petted, he is very much a people dog ! so we think he would love being an only dog with a nice fenced in yard to wander in,he is well house and leash trained and just a happy little boy he is going to be a great companion for someone. THIS DOG IS CURRENTLY IN FOSTER CARE IN HOUSTON, TEXAS,WE SHIP OUR DOGS WITH MIGHTY MUTT SHIPPING TO THE NORTH EAST OUR RESCUE POLICY - It is our rescue policy for all our dogs that we require a home with experienced dog owners only and no children under that age of 8 years. The total adoption fee of $400 ( and includes the required interstate health certificate and transport , spay/neuter, shots including rabies, bordatella, parvo, distemper ,canine influenza, and microchip. The total amount is payable to Shaggy Dog Rescue which is a 501c3. Some of our dogs are still in Texas in foster care. Our application is online at https:/www.houstonshaggydogrescue.org/apply/

Declaration:This site only provide the navigation to the Dog Rescue Group or Dogs Sale Site,we don't have dogs ourselves,the Information may be delayed or Inaccurately due to failed timely update,if you have any questions,please directly contact the Dog Rescue Group or Dogs Sale Site.Thanks!

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