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Facts about Fluffernutter

Shih Tzu/Westie, West Highland White Terrier Mix
Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Rescue Group
Tailchaser Rescue

Sale Information

Rescue Group
Tailchaser Rescue
Fremont, CA 94539
Pet ID

Fluffernutter's Info

I am a special needs pet.

Fluffernutter's Story

My name is Fluffernutter. I am a sweet, gentle 6 - 8 year old 20 lb Shih Tzu / Mini Poodle / Westie / mystery mix. I am diabetic, and I get shots twice a day before breakfast and dinner, I don`t mind one bit. The expense for my prescriptions is about $25 per month, which is probably less than you`ll spend on cute t-shirts for me. I also have mild hypothyroid which I take pills for with breakfast and dinner, and am almost completely blind. My sight doesn`t really slow me down though, I bump into stuff once in awhile, but since I usually walk around slow anyway I never ``crash`` into anything. And once I get comfortable in a house I can find my way around (even in / out the dog door) all by myself. I am a very quiet dog, I`ve been known to go weeks without barking one single time. I am always happy to meet new people. I`m very mellow and don`t require much in the way of exercise. I`m super easy going and easy to take care of. I`m not demanding and though I often choose to nap near people, I can be fairly independent and don`t require constant attention. You do your thing, I don`t really want to help you update that database anyway, and I`ll be over here chewing this tasty rawhide. I get along perfectly with other dogs if their priorities in life are similar to mine. Walk around patrolling for dropped crumbs, take a nap, go outside and roll around in the sun a little bit, take a nap, patrol for crumbs again (still nothing?), drink some water, see what`s over there, sit on my pillow...take another nap... For active dogs that like to play a lot I`m not much fun, I will just sit there while they run circles around me. I get along best with mellow dogs who like to cuddle and take lots of naps.

I would be a great fit for a senior, or for anyone who wants a mellow easygoing companion. Or for someone who is looking for a quiet, mellow dog to take to work with them. I definitely do not require supervision all day long though, my foster parents work full time and I am totally fine staying at home alone all day. I don`t have any separation anxiety whatsoever (not even a teeny, tiny, bit) and I can be trusted alone in the house without supervision.

You may be wondering what in this great wide world really pushes my buttons. Well I`ll tell you. FOOD. I love food. I mean I really LOOOVE food. You thought that you loved food, but you don`t. Not compared to me. I don`t eat stuff like shoes or socks (gross) but if it`s food, I`m putting it in my mouth. Dropped a piece of cereal? Mine. Dropped a piece of lettuce from your salad? Mine. Dropped an entire chicken leg? KISS THAT THING GOODBYE. Because of my diabetes I`m really only supposed to eat certain things, and at certain times of the day. But do I let that stop me from inhaling dropped food? Not on your life. Food that makes its way to the floor is clearly fair game. I`ve learned that the people in my foster home can be pretty clumsy so just to cover all the bases, any time I hear anyone going into the kitchen for any reason, I wake up from a dead sleep and accompany them, just in case they happen to drop something. I want to be close so I can help clean up any messes, you understand. And while most of the time I`m a gentle lady, I will admit to having a small...personality flaw...in that...I refuse to allow my precious foods to be taken away from me. I feel the simplest solution to this problem is for people to just, not try to take my food away. But if it`s important to you to have a dog who will let you sit with your hands in the food bowl while they are eating, it`s possible that I...might not be the right dog for you.

I also, just very occasionally, do not appreciate being removed from my bed. (Napping = my second love in life.) However, if you bribe me with just one tiny little treat I will happily scoot myself out of bed and follow you as far as necessary to retrieve said treat. So personality flaw #2 is pretty easy to work around.

My foster mom gives me a bath once a week because she says if she doesn`t my hair gets greasy. Puh-lease! I`m a lady. A fluffy white lady dog with a reputation to maintain. I don`t believe I NEED a bath once a week. I take baths because I like smelling like a fresh spring flower afterward, but I don`t think I really NEED a bath. My foster mom also says I have the worst flatulence ever. I don`t think that`s true. While I`m sleeping? What a tale. Nobody`s going to believe that. Look at my adorable face. Next she`ll be telling you I snore like a freight train. Which would also be a Complete. And. Total. Falsehood. My foster mom gives me haircuts herself and trims my nails and I`m very patient while being groomed and don`t mind people handling my ears / feet / etc. Check me out!


MMk, other good things about me. I`m always nice to the vet! It`s true. And I love cats! Well, I ignore cats. Which - as far as the cat in my foster home is concerned - is the best way to show true love.

I need a home with a doggy door so I can let myself in and out on my own schedule. And a single level home with minimal stairs would be great. I can handle some stairs, but if there are too many I`ll get tired of climbing. I`m not very athletic.

If you`re looking for a sweet little dog to add to your life, please come meet me. I`ve been waiting over 1 year to find my forever family, but I know they`re out there. I just got all my bloodwork re-run in February 2016 and the vet said all my levels look great!

Fluffernutter is being fostered in Gilroy. Her adoption fee will be waived for approved applicants. She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

If you would like to meet this dog, please download our adoption application here: tcrescue.com/adopt

Tailchaser Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill organization dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs from shelters where they are in danger. Our foster volunteers provide loving temporary homes for our rescued animals until they are adopted.

By adopting a cat or dog, you`re making a commitment to provide love, care, and medical treatment for the life of the animal, which can be up to 20 years or more! We are committed to placing our rescued animals with families who are prepared for the responsibility of owning an animal for its entire lifetime, so that they are never again at the mercy of the shelter system.Fluffernutter, Shih Tzu & Westie, West Highland White Terrier Mix has been shared from Shelter Exchange.

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