Owners’ Dilemma: How Can I Stop My Dog From Jumping On Our Guests?

posted on 2017-02-16  10:13:00 By kate6264

Not all your friends share your love for dog. Most guests are okay if a little puppy jumps on them, but an adult dog is heavy and your guest may not like your dog jumping on them. As an owner it is your job to house train your dog. And not jumping on guests is part of the training.

Dogs do not understand jumping on guest can be a bad thing. They are just trying to say “hello”, dogs get excited when a friend comes to visit them. They jump because they want some attention from the guests.

Tips to deal with your dog’s habit of jumping on the guest

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Train you dog before he meets any visitor

As I said before not all your guests are crazy about dog, some are allergic to dogs. In the beginning you should use a baby gate for your dog when guests arrive. If he stays at his corner then he will not be able to jump on the guest. After house training he will understand he just cannot jump on every guest. You can let him walk free after he is well trained.

Keep the excitement in check

Dogs are very friendly animals. They do get excited when a friend comes to visit; dogs think your friend is his friend. He gets excited. Teach your dog sit command. Tell him to sit on his bed when someone rings the bell.

Teach your dog to admire you

This is the most important lesson. Your dog is like your child. You love your child, but at the same time you want your child to listen to you. Same way your dog needs to learn your words are the last words; he will need to obey your wishes.

Dogs are not humans; they are beasts, so your dog will disobey you more often than you want. Here are some things you and your guests need to be careful about.

  1. Guests should not react too strongly if your dog jumps on them. After all this is a house trained dogs, he is not going harm them.
  2. Tell your guests your dog just wants to say hello.
  3. Do not show affection to your dog when a guest rings door bell, it will make them even more excited.

Some guests are dog lovers, and they will appreciate your dog’s attention. If you are lucky then all your friends will be dog lovers and dog jumping on guests will not be a problem for you.

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