How to calm down a stressed/scared dog?

posted on 2017-02-08  19:34:52 By Brandon

Does your dog acting weirdly when someone comes to your house? Or all of a sudden your dog started barking loudly all day? These are the signs something is bothering your dog, he is scared or stressed for some reason. Today I am going to share some valuable tips on this subject.

Dogs feel sacred when a small change happens in their natural habitat. Dogs are very sensitive. They feel stressed when you have new guests in the house, or a new family members join you. Dogs can also feel scared if there is another dog in the house.

Dogs need time to adjust. In the beginning changes will make them hyper active, but be patient and things will be normal very soon.

calm down-1.jpg

Easy ways to calm down a hyper active dog

  1. Do not listen to loud music, or talk in loud voice in front of an anxious dog. Noise will make things worse for him. You can play classical music instead. Study showed dogs do react to music.
  2. Make your dog sit on your lap if you see nervousness in his eyes. Your touch will make your dog feel comfortable. Spend more time with a stressed dog; make him understand you will always be there for him.
  3. Dogs hate when his owners argue between each other, avoid any kind of argument in front of a scared dog.

    calm down-2.jpg

  4. You and all your family members needs to stay calm when your dog gets aggressive, do not pay much attention and he will understand nothing is wrong.
  5. Every time your dog gets aggressive, try to distract him with his favorite toys or food. Do not ever shout at him if he is already stressed.

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