How Can You Train Puppies Not To bite

posted on 2017-02-06  20:29:45 By Krysta Best

My first puppy was the love of my life. We were soulmate and inseparable. However, one thing I did not like about his company. I am talking about his biting my toes habit. Puppy’s biting habit may sound cute and relatively harmless but trust me it is neither good for you nor your puppy. I later learned some tricks and those tricks stopped my puppy’s biting habit. In this article, I am going to share those simple tricks with my fellow puppy parents.

  1. It is hard to ignore a puppy as they are very cute. But you have to when your puppy bites you. Every time puppy bites you say “No” with an angry voice. Go away from him, do not look back.
  2. Apply something bitter on your hand and feet. However, please make sure the product you are applying are made of natural things and will not harm the puppy in any way.
  3. Buy some chew toys, whenever your puppy tries to bite you, give him the chew toy instead. The puppy will get used to chewing the toy and he will not try to bite you.
  4. Puppies hate water, spray water on him whenever he tries to bite you. But make sure water does not go into his eyes. He will get very scared if water touches his eyes.
  5. If he behaves well and does not try to chew your feet for one day, reward him some treats. He will understand chewing is a bad act.

bite - pic 3.jpg

Puppies try to chew feet for a reason. They feel pain due to teething. Normally this habit does not stay for long. So do not feel anxious if none of the above works. This habit is not a serious problem and adult dogs do not have a chewing problem.

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