Dog Diabetes A To Z: Reason For Diabetes in Dogs, Diagnosis, Treatment And Prevention Tips

posted on 2017-01-31  15:29:56 By James I dahle

Please do not give your dog your favorite Christmas cookie. Dog diabetes is a real complex disease. Shortage of hormone insulin causes diabetes in dogs. When dogs cannot produce sufficient insulin, sugars from their foods get stored in body. This is how dog’s blood sugar level increases and dogs become diabetic. This is why foods with added sugar are neither good for you nor your dog. Your Christmas treat can give your dog diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes in dogs

Dogs cannot express their physical problem in words. But they do change their attitude when they fall sick. Keep an eye on your dog’s behavior and if you see the following changes, contract a vet,

  1. Your dog is urinating more frequently
  2. Urine is smellier than usual.
  3. You noticed “fruity” smell coming from your dog’s body.
  4. Your dog is always tired, he does not want to play, go for walks.
  5. No loss of appetite, but still visible weight loss.

One thing I need to tell you at this point, dog diabetes is complex but not incurable. Lifestyle changes and proper medication will make your dog healthy again.

Dog diabetes diagnosis

First of all you need to take your dog to his vet. He will ask for a urine test. The urine test is to see sugar level in your dog’s blood. The next course of action will depend upon test result.

Dog Diabetes Treatment

I am raising dogs since I am 18. One of my dogs had diabetes. I talked to the vet and he asked me to change my dog’s lifestyle. My dog did not need any medicines. His health improved within a month. I am going to share my “diabetes cure “secret with you today. Here we go,

  1. Ask your vet to make a diet chart for your dog
  2. Your vet will restrict calories for your dog
  3. Avoid dry dog food for some time
  4. Feed your dog boiled chicken and boiled egg. Nothing else, until his blood sugar stabilizes.
  5. Make sure your dog drinks lots of water every day.
  6. Apart from right foods, your dog also needs to exercise every day. So take him for a long walk every day.

Follow the above rules for two weeks and go to the vet again. Your dog will again run tests. He will then decide if your dog needs medication.

The old saying “prevention is better than cure” is very true. So here are some tips for preventing diabetes in dogs.

  1. Do not feed your dog any human food. No matter how much he wants your food, please know human foods are bad for your dog. Some human foods can seriously damage a dog’s internal organs.
  2. Overeating can kill your dog. Do not over feed him.
  3. Regular walk is must for a dog. You can also play catch with him. These kinds of games are fun and your dog will burn some calories.
  4. Never miss his vet appointment

Let us be honest here, our dogs cannot drive and go to McDonalds, so if we want we can control their food intake. Remember, food is not love. Like you, your dog should also eat to live.

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